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Monday, January 01, 2018


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Hello Simon,
Happy New Year 2018!

Here is wishing ​your family​ and you​ the most promising and fulfilling New Year 2018! May god bless you with everything you desire and ​I hope that you ​will​ lead a long, healthy, happy and​ wonderful life!
Thank you SO MUCH ​for teaching us the most useful lessons and being the most helpful person and​ the most supportive teacher to us.
If you hadn’t helped me, we, learners, wouldn’t be able to follow my dreams in life. Thank you for everything.

Thank you Simon!Hope I can get a good mark on next week IELTS test..^_^ I'm so nervous about my writing test...

Happy new year!
Thank you Simon.
Wish the good things come to you and your family as the good you are doing here and elsewhere.

Happy New Year!! Simon. Thank you for putting effort into this website that helps me preparing IELTS. I wish I can pass IELTS in 2018!!

Simon Corcoran should resolve to spend less time on the internet

Happy New Year! Simon.
You have been pushing lots of learners in their IELTS path by your own blog. I love the way you show your opinions throughout this blog, like this article. I wanna say a thing from the deep down of my heart : Thank you so much!!

Happy New Year Simon,
I wish if I knew about you few years ago, I would definitely achieved the required score. Bless you


"I wish if I knew .." -> I wish I had known...ago; I definitely would have achieved..
OR Had I known ... I would have definitely achieved ...

Happy New Year Simon.

I wish you the best.

Thank you so much for helping me with your lessons and advice. This benefits me a lot.

Happy New Year Simon,

Thank you so much for your useful site.
Wish you and your family new year with health, pleasure and prosperity.

Happy new year sir
Thank you for your every effort. It is really important to get high score for IELTS exams.

Happy new year to you, Simon.
This is the first time that I've ever written some comments on your website.
Your effort to deliver us useful ideas, lessons and advice means a thousand words.
Anyway, I hope that I can do well in an ielts test ahead. Cheers!

Happy New Year guys!

Happy new year sir.

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