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Saturday, January 13, 2018


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Very much true.This is very optimistic and positive approach.Best way to boost up the moral of all the students.

Today I've given my first mock test. I found it too difficult specially Listening and Writing Task 1. Listening was so fast and Writing Task 1 with two different charts. Also I couldn't manage my time to complete all the modules.

Plz Tell me some ways to improve my condition. I feel sad for my first mock exam.

@ Raju
1) Click on "Writing Task 1" in the left sidebar.
2) If you are not up to speed, you just need to keep practicing, until the speed comes naturally. If you force yourself to rush, the quality will suffer.

Dear Mr. Simon,

Thank you very much for your kind words. Pleas let me know do we need write a topic for your easy in writing part 2


Sorry ! in our easy in the exam

Sir Simon, would you mind if I ask a question?

There is a friend of mine, who gets 8.0 in the recent IELTS mock test. He said he never underline keywords, but he still scored a high band overall, Why is that?

Thanks @Lolita

What should I do For Improviding Ideas for writing task 2 and enhance my writing quality?? Do I need writing practice at home, focused on grammer and spelling ect. Or just to read contemporary issues ?

Short advice plz

@ Raju

Task 2 topics are something like:

Public Transport
Criminal Justice
Youth Crime
Government Spending

In another comment someone suggested:


see headings there: environment, cites, global development, inequality.

Most grammar mistakes seem to be simple stuff about articles, prepositions, singular vs plural.

And everything about on Simon's site of course!

You are such a motivating and inspiring teacher. Thnxxx a lot

Thanks Aneela!

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