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Friday, December 22, 2017


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Have a good time!

Happy Christmas !

Thank you !

Merry Christmas Simon.. thank you for this inspiring blog.. I hope to pass my exam in January...

Merry Christmas Simon, and have a wonderful week!

Dear Simon ,
I wishes you are Merry Christmas !
I wishes you are happy together with your families and friends .

Dear SJM,
I wishes you are Merry Christmas !
I wishes you are happy together with your families and friends .

Merry Christmas teacher!
Wish you a healthy, happy, long life.
Hope you'll have a very great moment there.

by the way, can you please explain the difference between merry and happy? thanks Simon

"Merry" is much less common, and has more varied nuances:




Merry Christmas and happy days

merry : adj
old-fashioned, happy or showing enjoyment

Why on one notices the big mistakes that I cause
now I correct it by myself

I wish

Merry Christmas and a very happy new year

Have a good time Simon!
Merry Christmas!

Marry Christmas & Happy New Year to you dear Mr. Simon !

Marry Christmas

Merry Xmas dear Simon and happy New Year.
You are a wonderful tutor.

merry chirstmas simon. Do you have a pdf of englis grammar

Merry Christmas, Simon!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas sir Simon and sjm

Merry Christmas Simon !Have a good time

Thanks guys. Merry Christmas!

Happy Christmas !
I have graduated for more than 10 years,i work now, so will the examiner ask me some topic like class,teacher in Part 2?

Hi Simon,

Thanks to this website, I got an overall band 7(L:8.5, R:6.5, W:7, S:6), which is my goal.
This useful website includes all information ielts examinees need. I really appreciate your kindness and the effort you put on this website.
I wish you a happy holiday and a wonderful 2018.


Thank you for everything Simon! I got an overall band i wanted, thanks to your website...
Happy happy Christmas :)



I have a question in speaking part 1,
hoping you can answer me, please!

I could not answer very quickly in part 1.It takes me some time to speak a complete sentence.For example, in July...I travelled to Malaysia for my summer holiday ...with my best friend Bella...it was incredible.

I know you said it is normal that everyone even native speakers to pause during speaking.But my teacher told me in part 1 you should really show your fluency.

Can you tell me is that ok?

And happy Christmas!

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