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Wednesday, December 06, 2017


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my ielts tutor told me that there is no need to write drawbacks when u in favour of benefits. just write benefits . so, my score is going to affect or not if i donot mention drawbacks?


If, during the planning stage, you realise that you can only think of benefits, that's perfectly acceptable. You'll just need to make this position (view) very clear in your introduction.

I. Planning
1) Boost up the economy developments: High percentage of productive workforce. More Gross Domestic Products generated.
2) Reduce burdens on healthcare systems: Working population usually requires less healthcare services. Contribute to the community budgets of the governments.

1) Risk of sharp population growth: Large proportion of productive age. Load to educational systems and children-rearing services.
2) Rise of unemployment rate: More people need work. Create competition but a real danger to the health of unemployment insurance budgets.

II. My View:
Believe that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages but there are significant points to consider.

1) young generation can stimulate local economy.
2) The country would be a charming market for international enterprise and could get investment (like Vietnam)

1) Competitive job market for young generation (it may reduce the level of income)
2) It may cause concentrating in cities, and increase living cost of big cities.

1. Being connected and updated with technology,youngsters can be more productive at workplace

2. Active and are not afraid of facing dangers.

3. Sense of competition will stimulate them to do better

1. Advantage
a large number of young polpulation means that country have a great amount of workforce, which could help economic development of a country. As a result governments can obtain a great amount of tax, this could be used for country's infrastructure.

2. disadvantage
We can no deny that older people are more prone to diseases, and they could not have the same energy level as young people. Governments needs to pay pension and health benefits to senior citizens, which officials take from our wage. Although, if we have majority of young population,it release the burden from governments.

- The country has a potential economic growth with a large number of youngsters who are energetic,creative and enthusiastic.
- Young adults can have a wide range of soft skills for the modern workplace.
- Population with the majority of youngsters can put resolving careers and employment under pressure.
- There might be some problems in the healthcare services for teenagers such as government can not afford medical treatment facilities.
- Young adults can not have enough experience in some particular careers.
From my point of view, beside having several good points of youthful population, there are more drawbacks that should be considered.

There could be some disadvantages in having a young population. Young adults, who have not experienced enough ups and downs of life, can make many mistakes in different aspects of their life. For example, by missing the spirit of experience, the professionalism decreases and this would result in less productiveness of a company or a factory. Furthermore, the rebellious nature of the youth and the fact that they live life on the edge cannot be denied. Being risk-taker, immature and sometimes irresponsible at work or in the daily life, may harm economy, politician and even education of a country.

On the other hand, there are certainly numerous advantages in the shift of population towards younger ages. Firstly, having a young population leads to a more energetic society who will work hard for a living. This can definitely have positive consequences in educational, political and economic state of a country. Secondly, the youth are those who can take care of their old aged parents; therefore, the need for residential homes would be addressed in young countries. Finally, it seems to me that medical expenses which are related to the state of health in population, decreases significantly by dominating the young adults.

sir Simon ,
thankyou! for such quick response.It would help me alot.

Dear Simon,
First, could I have your e-mail address?

more energetic, motivated, aware of the most recent technologies, healthy

lack of experience, very demanding (e.g. they require higher education,well-paid jobs to start a family)

Hi Simon,
I found below sample answer by examiner in IELTS Cambridge-1 and noticed that it has no separate intro and end. However, it addresses all questions and it is clear.
What do you think about these type of answers? I mean is this ok to attack answer sheet with flow of words and achieve a task?

We are becoming increasingly dependent on computers. They are used in businesses, hospitals, crime detection and even to fly planes. What things will they be used for in the future? Is this dependence on computers a good thing or should we he more auspicious of their benefits?

Computers are a relatively new invention. The first computers were built fifty years ago and it is only in the last thirty or so years that their influence has affected our everyday life. Personal computers were introduced as recently as the early eighties. In this short time they have made a tremendous impact on our lives. We are now so dependent on computers that it is hard to imagine what things would be like today without them. You have only got to go into a bank when their main computer is broken to appreciate the chaos that would occur if computers were suddenly removed world-wide.
In the future computers will be used to create bigger and even more sophisticated computers. The prospects for this are quite alarming. They will be so complex that no individual could hope to understand how they work. They will bring a lot of benefits but they will also increase the potential for unimaginable chaos. They will, for example, be able to fly planes and they will be able to coordinate the movements of several planes in the vicinity of an airport. Providing all the computers are working correctly nothing can go wrong. If one small program fails — disaster.
There is a certain inevitability that technology will progress and become increasingly complex. We should, however, ensure that we are still in a position where we are able to control technology. It will be all too easy to suddenly discover that technology is controlling us. By then it might be too late I believe that it is very important to be suspicious of the benefits that computers will bring and to make sure that we never become totally dependent on a completely technological world.

Hi Simon,
Here are my ideas.
Outline essay
-Put a strain on available accommodation as a large proportion of young adults means that it leads to the scarcity of housing in most cases in many countries.
-Food and other necessities would be much more expensive.
- If the majority choose to rely on welfare instead of working, it potentially leads to an economic and social crisis in society as a whole.
- More taxes are paid by employees, mostly stemming from the young worker.
- Improve productivity because there are always young employees out there who are willing to receive fewer wages
-Children spend more time to take care their parents so money does not need to be spent on health care.


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To me it looks like the whole of the first paragraph (up to "world-wide") is introduction, as it provides background history and information but does not address either question.

"Your conclusion won't really help or change your score. The main paragraphs are much more important."


My understanding is that Simon suggests only the briefest of introductions and conclusions in order to focus on "presenting a fully developed position in answer to the question with relevant, fully extended and well supported ideas".


Band 7 descriptor states: "presents a clear position throughout the response" and "logically organizes information and ideas; there is clear progression throughout".

For some types of question - where you present both sides of an argument - a brief introduction and brief conclusion might help meet these requirements.

+ A large proportion of young adults provides a lot of outstanding ideas for innovation and creativity.
+ Young labor for society => increase productivity.

Disadvantages: Lack of experience labor sources.

My view: Advantages outweigh disadvantages

Currently, in some countries increasing population especially of young generation is more rather than the elderly people. This scenario has put some positives and negatives issues. In this regards following essay elaborates a balanced proportion of pros and cons.

Nowadays, increasing proportion of young generation is the blessing for any nation which could have many advantages in terms of economy and feasibility for their country better environment. Firstly, more young generation has the great potential for contributing in the field of sports because in this field youngster can play a vital role at national and international levels. Secondly, adult population are key and more energetic to arm, air and navy forces which are the indispensable for framing these compartments with an excellent energy and dynamic physical and mental strength. Finally, they are healthier and faster technological adoptive generation in every aspect of the life as compared to older people.

Equally, there are some disadvantages for increasing number of youngsters in the same aspects because of some managements and lack of experiences issues with them. Presently, increasing young generation do not have keen interest to develop their cultural and traditional activities because of modern way of life and this may lead towards some unenthusiastic consequences. Another thing is that, increasing youngest may go ahead to competitive market jobs and resulting unemployment. Similarly, the young population are not much experienced in some situations where older people can handle the worst situation amicably, for these instances; they need the guidance and suggestions for dealing the matters.

In conclusion, no doubt increasing younger population could play a pivotal role in development of country but a balanced population proportion could be more feasible and viable for any nation.

Hi Simon,

Here is my full Essay.

We all can see in the media that in some countries the ratio between people of working age and those of non-working age is distinctively positive. I think that having young population could bring more advantages than disadvantages to all countries.

The main benefits can be divided into Economic and Social ones. When describing the economic benefits it can be stated that when the working population is large , then the number of taxpayers is large too and this leads to increasing rate of development of that country. In addition, increased demand for goods and services leads to the rise of production and development of these sectors. The significance of young adults in terms of social advantages they bring to their society is very important as well. First of all, more young people means more people to look after the elderly and the children which could lead to drop in spendings for childcare facilities and nursery homes. Secondly, more people per family are able to work and their potential standard of living increases as a consequence.

On the other hand, the countries in which a youthful population is relatively large suffer from some drawbacks. In some developing countries where healthcare systems are not well developed infant mortality rates are very high because their are unable to afford an adequate medical treatment. Also, it is difficult for these countries to maintain and control their growing population and this often becomes a pressing problem for them.

In conclusion, I believe that if handled properly, young population can be extremely beneficial to their country.

I'd be very grateful for some feedback.


The global economic crisis hit many countries just as they were experiencing a youth bulge—a demographic trend where the proportion of persons aged 15-24 in the population increases significantly compared to other age groups. The youth bulge has severe implications for labour markets worldwide. Each year, approximately 121 million adolescents turn 16 years old—89 percent of which are located in developing regions—and can enter the world’s labour market. But most of those who want to work are unable to find jobs. Moreover, with nearly 1.1 billion new potential workers expected between 2012 and 2020, demographic forces will only exacerbate youth unemployment over time.

At the same time, the jobs crisis is also severely threatening children and poor households worldwide through higher incidences of hunger and malnutrition, illness, child labour, lower educational outcomes, children being left alone and even abandoned, vulnerability to ongoing and future shocks, domestic violence and social unrest. The jobs crisis has further heightened the risk that workers, especially youth, are being permanently ‘scarred’ in terms of future employability and earnings potential.

The lack of employment opportunities for young persons, aggravated by the ‘youth bulge,’ should be a primary concern for policymakers. For countries affected by the double whammy of pervasive youth unemployment and a quickly growing supply of young labour, it is imperative that employment growth, especially for youth, becomes a top priority to ensure a ‘Recovery for All.’

Extracted from :

@Ameet @Tony More reading on this topic = better result.

"A large youth population whose employment and future is threatened by automation could drive political instability and violence.

The risks of political violence will be higher in countries with a youth bulge (a relatively large youth population). Fewer employment opportunities and heightened competition could drive young people towards alternative institutions that channel their rage and anxiety. Failure to adapt could fuel populism, extremism, or fascism.

Extensive empirical research has connected youth bulges with political violence. Being born into a large youth cohort usually means being faced with heightened competition, fewer opportunities, and therefore a lower opportunity cost of joining a violent political movement. Terrorism, civil war, and other forms of political violence can be the result.

But a large youth population is not the precise cause of political violence – a large youth population can be a huge boon for the economy, known as the demographic dividend. The problem arises when a large youth population cannot be absorbed by the economy, leaving masses of youth disillusioned with the current political system and broader status quo.

Most impacted will be low skill, low income jobs which tend to be routine and therefore easily automated. Manufacturing jobs are the most obviously threatened industry – as automation gets cheaper, fewer human employees will be required for certain tasks. But the concern extends beyond assembly lines – moving goods around a facility, for example, can increasingly be done by agile robots.

More importantly, however, advances in technology are threatening many jobs previously impervious to automation. Autonomous cars are already on our roads, and artificial intelligence that can respond to basic human requests is growing more advanced. It would not be unforeseeable for a product to be ordered, manufactured, and delivered without human interaction.

This increased automation is especially threatening to countries with large youth populations. India, Indonesia, Mexico, and Nigeria, for example, have both large youth populations and a high susceptibility to automation.

An example of this is the automation of clothes manufacturing. Advancements in machine vision are improving to the point that garments can be made by machines with precision. Since the technology is new, it has some limitations in terms of garment complexity and cost. It will only be a matter of time before these hurdles are overcome and some manufacturing is insourced to machines."

adapted from:


It is true that some countries have more young adults than old ones and the phenomenon has its advantages and disadvantages. In my opinion, the advantages obviously outweigh the drawbacks.

A bigger number of young adults than old citizens is good for the societies and countries for a few reasons. Firstly, young people are enthusiastic and ambitious about their careers and jobs. They work hard in exchange for a good career to fulfill themselves. Secondly, a high number of active young workforce in the market is a significant contributor to the development of economy. More employment opportunities will be created so that these young workers can contribute their talent and labor to the economy. Finally, young citizens are energetic and curious about new things, which will create a good and creative atmosphere in several industries such as art, business and technology. For example, technology industry is filled with young workers who have huge enthusiasm in inventing and improving technologic services and products, useful and appealing. It leads to a high-technologic and better life to the society members.

While there are plenty of advantages from young social members, it certainly has some drawbacks. The workplaces could be competitive due to aggressive young workers and it could result in pressure and stress on them. In addition, in lack of patience and experience, young people are not as experienced and professional as senior workers. Being selfish is another disadvantage of young adults since they tend to emphasize on themselves more than caring for others, which is not beneficial to the society overall.

In spite of the disadvantages I mentioned above, I believe that young adults could bring more benefits in economy and culture.

I know I didn't follow Simon's structure completely since I have more ideas about advantages than disadvantages.



"I would just make the comment that the word 'phenomenon' is used a lot by candidates in IELTS who are under the 7 level, but it's not a word that I would use in an essay very often (I don't recall Simon using it very much either). This is because in English it is often used to describe 'mysterious' things, and also it can refer to a temporary trend. I wouldn't describe climate change as a phenomenon." (per sjm)




in lacking of patience and experience, young people are ...

...tend to emphasize on themselves ..

..beneficial to the society overall.

In spite of the disadvantages I mentioned above
In spite of the disadvantages mentioned above

1 Younger generation reinforces to achieve more productivity in workplaces.
2. It gives an opportunity government to decreade the amount of health expences.
3. Being more proportion of younger people means increasing of creativity and sociability.
4. Younger generation forces society being much more modern and innovative.

Hi Mr.Simon.
This is my intoduction. Can I paraphrase the question by this way?

"It is true that nowadays it is clearly observed in some societies there is a huge disbalance between youth population and old generation in the sense of increasing of youngers.For my point of view the advantages of enhancing the amount of young people outweight the disadvantage"


"The youth bulge is a common phenomenon in many developing countries, and in particular, in the least developed countries. It is often due to a stage of development where a country achieves success in reducing infant mortality but mothers still have a high fertility rate. The result is that a large share of the population is comprised of children and young adults, and today’s children are tomorrow’s young adults. "



Hi simon
Here is my full essay,i would appriciated to tell me my band score?
Nowadays, growth of youngers would be increased in comparision of elders in some part of the world. I strongly believe that merits of this fact is more than demerits.
In one hand,there are many drawbacks of this issue. At the first, adults encounter with lack of appropriate experience so they do not familiar about ups and downs of life and making mistakes can be in high level. Also, bad behaviours of youngers such as rebellious nature , immature,irresposibility can have negative points for society and facing with these problems would be impossible. Furthermore, risk of unemployment rate would be raised and authorities should make policy for creating variety of jobs for adult populations because they must work for affording their expenditures.
On the other hand, advantages of growth youngers can useful for any society and every country need to adults for living continued. Firstly, country which their youngers have important role would be more dynamic than others and also economy can be improved and preparing infrastructures for development of the country and at least increase gross domestic product. Secondly, younger societies is more productive at work place and they are so creative, smart.they can improve feelings of citizens with increasing positive energy. Finally, it can be nice choice for governments who require less heathcare system and other expense like pension that be force to pay monthly to elders, they can allocate financial source to essential sections.
In conclusion, although some countries encounter with the large number of adults, i believe positive points of this condition outweigh the drawbacks.


"Youngers" is a family name in English, but is rarely used to mean young adults:



"Elders" has many connotations, particularly in phrases like "village elders", and "elders and betters". A more neutral, (and modern) phrase might be "older generation", "people over 25", "older people".



Maybe check the following idioms:
"In one hand,"
"At the first,"

And check prepositions:
"drawbacks of this issue"
" familiar about"
"facing with these problems"
"encounter with the large .."

And missing articles:
"make policy"
"advantages of"
"Firstly, country which ..."
"have important role"
"and also economy can "
"increase gross domestic product"
"i believe positive points"

And singular vs plural:
"every country need"
"younger societies is "
"it can be nice choice "
"other expense like pension"

The marking schema is here:


These days, young adult population is comparatively prominent in some nations compared with older people. While there are significant disadvantages of this scenario, I believe that advantages of this situation certainly outweigh the disadvantages.

There are few crucial advantages of presence of old generation in the nation. Firstly,…

On the other hand, young generation are important because ….

Furthermore, the physical and mental capabilities of adults are unique for the development and growth of multiple sectors in the country. For instance, ….

To sum up, population of young adults is the backbone for any developing and/or developed nation. Although old people are important because of their past experiences and their role in upbringing of new generation in the right direction, young adult’s passion and ability to take action for the growth of the nation cannot be replaced.

Please share your comments, thanks!

These days, young adult population is comparatively prominent in some nations than the number of older people. While there are some significant disadvantages of this scenario, I certainly believe that advantages of this situation outweigh the disadvantages.

There are few crucial advantages of presence of old generation in the nation. Firstly,…

On the other hand, young generation are important because ….

Furthermore, the physical and mental capabilities of adults are unique for the development and growth of multiple sectors in the country. For instance, ….

To sum up, population of young adults is the backbone for any developing and/or developed nation. Although old people are important because of their past experiences and their role in upbringing of new generation in the right direction, young adult’s passion and ability to take action for the growth of the nation cannot be replaced.

Please ignore previous post and consider this for your comments, thanks!


To me, your opening sentence is not clear.

The following phrase is useful:
" a youth bulge (a relatively large youth population)"

OR something like (as quoted above):

"The youth bulge is a common phenomenon in many developing countries, and in particular, in the least developed countries."

"There are few crucial advantages.."
"There are a few crucial advantages.."

People under 30: (as % of total population)

Most countries in Africa over 60%

Central and South America, India and southern Asia over 50% (except China and Thailand, Chile and Argentina)

Uganda 76% The world's youngest population, set to quadruple in the next few decades.

Chad 76 % (half settled, half nomadic)

Afghanistan 75% (65% below 25)

UK 37% (By 2021 19% of UK population will be pensioners. )

Italy 30% (second lowest percentage of under 30s in the world)

Japan 29% (lowest % of under 30s)


Spain 54%

South Africa 52%

Tunisia 42%

UK 21%

Indonesia 17%

India 10%

Japan 8%

Thailand 3%

It is observed that majority of the population in some countries, in particular developing countries, comprises of youngsters in comparison with the people above 50s. Although this scenario has some crucial drawbacks, I would argue that there are prominent benefits.
On the one hand, the decreasing number of old age people in some countries has few significant negative consequences. First,…. (2 sentences and 1 example)

On the other hand, I certainly believe that the advantages of large population of youth in the country are even more prominent.

To conclude, it seems to me that the benefits of prominent number of youngsters in the nation, considering their role in development of multiple sectors of the nation due to physical and mental capabilities they possess, do outweigh the drawbacks.

Dear Simon,

The essay below is my practice, please give me some advice, thank you.

It is true that some countries are composed of more younger generation than older people, they are full of energy and creativity. While I understand that some critics may argue that younger people are lack experience when it comes to making decision, I believe the advantages outweigh the drawbacks.

There are several reasons why people might argue that younger generation is not well-prepared to become a good decision maker. It is undoubtedly that young people 's experience is not enough to prepare them well to lead the countries to improve their economic, education and creativity to name a few. Therefore, without the supervision by older people, the decision they make may lead to a range of negative consequences. Also, the high quantity of young adults will make the competition of the workforce become fericer than ever before. It is tend to increase the rate of unemployment rather than positive result.Since people who can't have a stable job are unable to earn sufficient money to live, they might become the threat of the society security.

In spite of the above drawbacks, I believe that more younger adults than older people will benefit the countries in the long term. Comparing to the older generation, younger people are more willing to take the risk of change, which is indispensible for the progress of those countries. Besides, younger people are more likely to adapt the fast-changing world,developing the potential of whole society and showing their competition toward the world. Another point of view is that youngsters are heathier so that they put less burden on medical system, alleviating the pressure of the community budget.

In conclusion, as far as I am concerned, more younger people than older people may cause some negative effect, but those countries may gain more than they lose from this phenomenon at some certain of degree.


"Youngster has no defined age range unfortunately as it means the same thing as child or young person. " "It all depends on context. Youngsters is also often used jocularly by people to refer to anyone younger than them."


"Youth" has no strict definition either as a collective referring to an age group but is used by the UN to refer to people aged 15 to 24, and sometimes elsewhere to people aged 15 to 35. But it does tend to exclude (younger) children.


The question uses the term "young adults" and I am not sure there is any advantage to be gained by substituting another phrase that is less accurate. If it were a three or four word phrase, that would be another matter.

comprises something = is made up of something = is comprised of something

You have repeated "prominent" three times and the phrase "prominent benefits" is actually rarish:


@Eric Yu

Perhaps better as:

"It is true that the population in some countries are is composed of more younger generation people than older people"




"younger people are lack experience "

"It is undoubtedly that"

"It is tend "

"rather than yield a positive result"


"become the threat of the society"

" Comparing to"

"adapt to something"

"at some certain of degree."

Thanks for sharing your ideas. I'll use them in the lesson on Wednesday 13th December.

- Large number of manpower
- Active society both physically & mentally
- Updated society who thrives to learn new things
- Enhances the growth of particular country considering the present trend of an Entrepreneurship

- More immature crowd both in profession and in personal life
- Lack of experience and abundance of randomness

In my opinion, the advantages that countries with larger young popullation have often exceeds with the countries having more older popullation.

The disadvantages of having greater older popullation in the country are as follows:
-the older people have experience but they might lack energy and enthusiasm towards change as compared to the young people.
-they dont contribute enough towards strengthening country's economy.

The advantages of having more younger popullation in the country arebas follows.
- young people have fresh ideas, they have stamina to accept change in their lives, they are more energetic and enthusiastic.
- young people have more acceptance for technology, they know how to use it and make their lives better and prosper with the help of technology
- young people contribute more towards country's economy.

Conclusion: therefore in my opninion, countries having greater younger popullation have more advantage than the countries having more older popullation.

In many countries young people are relatively greater in number than old people. These differences influence on social values and economy of country.
Young people are generally not aware of social values and culture which makes a great effect on their living. Young are sometime become over confident about their job because of the lack of experience. Many accidental decisions may come from them.
In spite of these drawbacks young are stronger and capable of taking huge work load than old people. They have numbers of opportunity and scope to contribute on countries growth. They don't require much leave from their work. They are open minded and don't fears bring changes.
So, a disciplined young people are more advantageous to a country.

Hi dear Simon
I have a question about this topic. I got this question in the way that I should compare the situation of having a predominately young population and predominance of the elderly population. In this way, in body P1, I described the advantages and disadvantages of young people and in the second body paragraph, I brought the pros and cons of elderly people. Is it right?
I’m a little confused because in almost all the samples on websites, I found the writers in the first body have told about the disadvantages of majority of the young demographics and the next body was arranged on the basis of advantages of this population.
I want to know that whether mine is true too or not.
For more clarity, I put my essay in the next comment; I'd be glad if somebody could guide me.
Thank you

The majority of the population in some countries are occupied with the young adults, while the elderly people comprise the highest percentage of population in the other nations. While the age of population is one of the most critical criteria to foreshadow the supplies and demands of the countries in the upcoming years, personally, I am inclined to the view that more young adults can culminate in more accomplishments for their countries, although the lack of age balance in different demographics leads to problems anyway.
On the one hand, the young adults produce more, whereas they need more inevitably. Mostly the economy, policy and industries of one country are entwined with the creativity, industriousness and productivity of the youth. This cross-section of society, regarding to its instinctive abilities bound up with their age, accounts for the largest involvement in the creation of workforce in various industries and leads to a more flourishing economy. However, the demands of this population are incomparable with other strata and governments should shoulder a heavier burden to fulfill their needs. For example, the circumstance of employment, marriage, residence, welfare and public facilities in some societies is accompanied with a barrage of criticism for neither the financial supplies of governments in theses fields, nor their policies, it happens just because of lack of balance in age distribution and surpassing demands of the youth over the supplies.
On the other hand, it is irrefutable that as people are greying, they are being converted to become more consumer than producer. More precisely, the elderly people not only lack the capacity and efficiency to work effectively, but are also more likely to get retired and spend their lives on the basis of regular pensions and insurance. Additionally, this group needs more facilities, especially in terms of health care systems, medicine and insurance. All of these facilities necessitate an overwhelming amount of money needing to be invested by authorities of countries. By contrast, their experience as a precious treasure gained through many years, is a key indicator to be destined for the decision-making-positions as well as we can see most of the top managers and dignitaries in governments are managed by the old people.
All in a nutshell, I believe that if we cannot poise our balance in the age distribution in countries, from my standpoint, the advantages of the young population would eclipse the elderly group’s, even though their demands are at higher levels.

Hi dearSimon,
Can I have your writing for this topic?
I'm new here and couldn't find it .thank you so much

Can u please have a detailed writing on how to get a 8.5 Ietls writings. I’m new. Thank u so muchhhh!!!!

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