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Thursday, December 14, 2017


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1.More rains fall in Sierra Leone during summer than any other country

2. America and Chaina are the most exported countries of all, exporting almost 2300 billion and 1600 billion respectively.

More teenagers tend to play basketball than any other sports.

Christian and Islam are the most prevalent of the major religions, accounting for 2.1 billion and 1.5 billion of believers respectively.

1. More expenditure spends on cars than to any other consumer goods.
2. Vietnam and China are the most corrupt of all countries in the world, corrupting exactly 90% and 80% of officials respectively.

1. More people, in my country, resort to consuming alcohol after experiencing a traumatic event than to any other depressants that help relieve pain.

2. Me and Olivia are the most happy of all the couples in the world, spending about one and two hours of our time with couple's therapist respectively.

(these are not necessarily true :)

1. More water was used in Agriculture in Central Asia than any surveyed areas.
2. Africa and Central Asia consumed the least water for Industrial purposes,using just 7% and 5% respectively.

1.British students spoke Spanish more than any other languages in 2000 and 2010.

1. More time is allocated to teaching children in primary school level than to any other level of education.

2. Orange and Mange are the most commonly purchased items of the fruit family, accounting for 55% and 60% of the annual supply respectively.

1. More bomb blasts in Gaza in recent daecades than in any other country.

2. Pakistan and China export highest quantity of mango estimate 16m tonn and 12m tonn respectively.

1. More tourists go to natural attractions than to any other tourist zones.

2. Iran and Italy are the most charming choice of tourism industry, globally recording 90% and 75% of application for 2018 respectively.

Japan and Singapore gain the highest GDP of the forty-eight countries in Asia, 4.9 trillion and 297 billion US dollars according to the 2016 statistic, respectively.

1. More customers book hotel for their vacation in Airbnb's website than other online hospitality service websites.
2. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are the richest men of the world, recording net worth of $86 billion and $75.6 billion respectively.

America and Canada are the most culturally friendly of the fifteen countries, with welcoming 50% and 60% of foreigners respectively.

Bangladesh and South Africa are the most financially deprived of the fifteen countries, with 50% and 60% of people living under the poverty line respectively.

England and Australia are the most educated of the fifteen countries , with 50 % and 60% of people holding university degrees respectively.

China and India are the fastest developing economies of the fifteen countries, with 50% and 60 % of annual economic turnovers respectively.

China and India are the fastest developing economies of the fifteen countries, with generating 50% and 60 % of annual economic turnovers respectively.

More waste goes to landfill sites than to any other refuse management facility.

more women go to science degrees than any other university courses.

more Bangladeshi children go to manufacturing sweatshops to earn money at early age than any other industry.

more British people go to Bars or Pubs at weekends than any other week days.

More college leavers in Australia go to find a job than any other tertiary studies.

More people strive to seek money from a job than any other factor such as job satisfaction.

More state budget goes to educational institutions in Melbourne, Australia than any other public sector.

more snowfall is expected in the west than any other part of a country.

More Britons buy presents or gifts for their loved-once or acquaintances during Christmas time than any other ordinary day of the year.

can this approach be helpful for writing task 2 as well?

1) More truth are being revealed nowadays than in any other time of the history.

2´╝ëTaobao is the most successful online shopping platform of all in China, generating revenues of $42.7 billion(2016) and $44 billion(2017) respectively.

@nav j

Simon's comments about 'templates' for Task 2:






The language required for Task 2 is more varied and less predictable than for Task 1, and Simon has remarked that the examiners are looking for topic-specific vocabulary. That said, having the following 'in your toolbox' can be useful in Task 2:





1. More teenagers use the internet today than they did before.

2. Africa and parts of Asia are the most famine-stricken areas in the world, having approximately more than two and in ten of population without sufficient food respectively.



"respectively" means "in that order" when discussing two or more details:


1. More floods is happening in Da Nang province than the other regions in Viet Nam.
2. Viet Nam and Malaysia are the most dragon exporting countries, with 30 million tons and 40 million tons a year, respectively.


Did you mean:

Viet Nam and Malaysia are the leading dragon fruit exporting countries, with 30 million tons and 40 million tons a year, respectively.

At first I thought you were talking about Kimodo dragons....

Taiwan and Australia are the most leading countries of the other 20 nations, recycling 60 million tons and 40 million tons per year respectively.


"leading" seems to be generally considered an "extreme adjective"; and therefore is not usually paired with "more" or "most" to form a comparative or superlative.


There is a list of similar adjectives like "wonderful", "tiny" here:



Of the twenty nations, Taiwan and Australia are the leading countries, recycling 60 million tons and 40 million tons per year respectively.



Of the other twenty nations, Taiwan and Australia are the leading pair, recycling 60 million tons and 40 million tons per year respectively.

1. More college students choose Science and Business as their majority than to any other subjects like Mathematic and Chinese.
2. Luxembourg and Switzerland are the most rich of the seventy countries, showing highest GDP of $100 thousand and 60 thousand respectively.

@ Ivy Liu

major (noun) = The main area of study of a student working toward a degree at a college or university (in US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand).

most rich -> richest
having the highest GDP

@ Ivy Liu


More tourists went to the swimming pool in the summer to let their hair down than to climb the mountains.
John and Tim are the best of students in class, achieving 10 and 9 prestigious awards respectively.

My son spends his time on reading Doraemon comic books than on any other type of books or magazine.
M and T are the biggest of all telecommunication operators, sharing approximately 37% and 35% of total market respectively.

As you can see, "... are the best of students" does not really come up in google books:


"the best of" is generally used idiomatically in some set phrases such as:


"John and Tim are the best of students in class"


"My son spends his more time .... than"

1. More potatoes deteriorated than to any other vegetables this year.
2. Cricket and football are the most played games of the ten popular games, played by 40% and 30% kids respecively in south asia.

1/ More Vietnamese commuters are using motorbike than to any other type of vehicles.

2/ Tiger and Heineken are the most chosen brands of the Vietnamese premium beer market, accounting for 40% and 28% volume, respectively.


You don't need "to" in your first example.

It only appears in Simon's original because he used "goes to" in the first half of the sentence.

1. more people use smart phones now than to any oher years in the past.
2. 2012 and 2015 are the most successfull years of the past decade, reporting around 10% and 8% of profit raising, respectively

Nowadays more people spend time in internet than any other activity.

Vietnam and Brazil export highest coffee bean in the world, recording large quantity about 12m tonn and 16m tonn respectively

1. More youngster goes to Justin Bieber's concert than to any other solo singer

2. India dan China are the most populated country in the world, recording approximately at 1.5 billion and 2 billion respectively

Hi Simon, why there was a period after "recycling"?

1-more people prefer cars in Britain than to any other country.
more people visited ER department than any other age group.
2-petrol and gas are the most frequently used energy source of the fossil fuel,consuming around 45 and 60% respectively
manufacturing and marketing are the most profitable business of the categories, generating around 40 and 80 billion repspectivley

Hi Simon,

More British people go on holiday to Spain than to any other country. "Other country" here is to compare with Spain.(As it means in this sentence).

More British people go on holiday to Spain than to any other Europeans. (Does it mean that we mention other countries not Britain ?)


Yes, it means "any other country in the world apart from Spain".

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