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Friday, December 15, 2017


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My cue card demands me to talk about a plant which I like the most.

There are innumerable varieties of plants which have their own importance among of them peddy plant is most imperative especially in my country. Though this plant we get our staple food which is known as rice.

This plant is usually propagate in almost all part of my nation but chiefly it can be seen in north side The more.

I come to know about this plant about a couple of year ago when I went to live in countryside area to my maternal uncle's home. That time I was unaware about about this like how's it grows and how peddy looks like?

The reason for liking this plant is its speciality which makes its unique than other plants. This plant change two colours till the ripening stage like at the first it is green in colour as the time passes it's turn into golden colour which means it's ready to harvest.along with this,rice are rich in carbohydrates and fibre which is beneficial for health.i always eat rice once in a day.

That's all about my cue card thank you!

What type:
The rice - Vietnam is the second largest rice exporter - it is among the most important types of stable food

Where it is planted:
Most rural areas along side Vietnam - agricultural country - fertile soil and plenty of space for rice crops

When first saw:
Can't remember but it was connected to my childhood - played in the rice field mostly after schooling hours e.g. played foodball, flew kite after the crops, used rice hull to make whistle

How it is used:
Main dishes for meals - sticky rice is a common type of breakfast for the working classes - process to make beautiful Vietnam's cuisines like noodles, ''Phở'', spring rolls, and so on

Why famous or important:
Main stable food along with other type such as potatos or wheat - large export income

Bamboo is evergreen flowering plants, so it can be seen all year daily, while it's also the fast-growing plant in the world.
It usually grows in Sichuan Provience in China, as the food of panda. Can you believe that a panda can eat around 50kg bamboos everyday? Bamboo is rich in fabric, which is the pandas' favorite.
There's another reason that I like Bamboo, as the bamboo shoot, which is the part of the body that bamboo just comes out of the ground, can be cooked with meal. It tastes very tender by the way.
In ancient China it also was connected with the nobility of people. As it represents the indifference of the fame and money. There are many artwork about bamboo drawed by famous person.
Therefore, I suppose thats the reason bamboo has a pretty special status in China.

The orchid is a flowering plant of unusual shapes. It boasts a plethora of different kinds of vegetation. Although it is distributed across the country, the amount is descending from the south to the north. The area where orchids grow the most is Yunnan, Sichuan and Taiwan. Generally, each province has different types of orchid.

In our country, we usually grow orchid for viewing and admiring values. So that's why we can see it in many households when we visit relatives and friends. Besides, it can be grown for use of food and medicine because it's beneficial for human's lung.

The first time when I knew it, it’s actually in a textbook. The picture of orchid was printed below a poem written by a ancient Chinese poet. In this book, there are many attractive photos with different shapes and explanations below. Amazed by them, I went out of my way to go to the market and see it.

in our civilization, it is commonly known that implicates someone of a noble character and not pursuing fame or authority. So it is famous in our country and especially important for those who are into Chinese literature. Personally, I like its elegant colour and its elegance, just like the poets have said.

Hope for your suggestions and corrections
Thank you.

banana...is my favourite plant
it gives me the essential energy to kick off my day.i love the tender tasty flesh and surprisingly i use its peels.i grind these peels and then mix it with wanter to water my plants.also banana contains numerous antioxidants,minerals and vitamins which act as anti-aging agents

Hi Simon,

This is my practice about this topic, please give me some advices.
I very appreciate it.

I would like to talk about my favorite plant, which is banana. It is a kind of fruit I often eat it after my meal.

I am not familiar with growing technique, but my father-in-law have a piece of land so he can grow his own banana.He often give me a lot of banana, which I was very grateful. I can remember that he has told me that it is quite easy to grow it .And we can see banana whenever you go to the market. Therefore, I think it can be grown in every where.

In couple of years ago, Taiwan’s banana used to be exported to Japan. Japanese liked our banana a lot, they appreciate it. And in the old time, it was quite expensive, only the royal family or the rich people could afford to eat such food. For this, it makes Taiwan’s banana quite famous worldwide. Even today, our banana is still be liked by many countries.

Usually, we eat banana for fruit in my Country, but recently, there is another way we can use banana. Some researches show that not only athletes’ ability can be boosted by eating banana, but also that it can prevent they from injury. It is because that banana provide more power than other foods and they can gain more energy to perform better while they are playing the game.

Can you image that only by eating such food can benefit us more than we predict. If we keep finding the potential way to use it , maybe it can change our lifestyle in the future.

I would like to present mango tree as my favourite plant. Mango tree is national tree of Bangladesh. It is mostly well known for its fruites and sustainable wood.

It is planted almost in every part of our country. There are different species of mango according to its soil categories.

I am used to see this plant from my childhood and never miss to have its delicious fruits in every summer season.

I like it mainly for its tasty fruits. Different types of fruits like fozli, langra, himsagor, amropali are available in summer season. Especially I prefer amropali for its unique taste. It is also en excellent source of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants compounds. Mango trees reach their maturity in 15-20 years and their fruit bearing capacity reduces greatly. After that planters cut it down and sell the wood for furniture making as its wood is quite hard. Its takes less time to grow up than others expensive hardwood trees. By this way of using both fruit and wood, mango tree is considered as a sustainable tree.

Hi.I need speaking buddy.If anybody is interested comment here I'll give contact details.

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