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Saturday, December 30, 2017


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Hi Simon, welcome back !
I have a question about one type of reading task. In one passage there are 3 types of questions:
1- Maching sentences to Key points
2- MCQs
3- only 1 Q of Yes, No, NG

Which group of theseshould I start with please? It took more than 25 mintues from me. Thanks

jasmine flower is the famous flower in my country as it is the national flower of pakistan it is a beautifull tiny white and yellow flower whuch has a strong fregrance . it is found in every household garden. it grows in shrubs and has been used as a symbol of piety and beauty by urdu poets.alongwith that this flower has been made into jewlery for women to be worn in hair known as gajra.. hence it is a symbol of piety beauty and simplicity as well as also used as perfumes.

I have a question relating to taking exams. If my second attempt has a lower band, is it possible to keep the first one? Thanks.

Good day Simon! I just got my results for my ielts exam and got a 7.5 in writing. Three years ago I got 6.5 for it and I just kept on reading and studied the writing samples on your website on my own. Thank you very much sir! If it were not for your website I wouldn't have reached 7.5. I am overwhelmed with gratitude 😊

Hello Mr.Simon. I took IELTS several weeks ago and Writing task2 was like [ people use car for many purpose such as domestic use, business use. Is there any problems which are caused by dependency on using car? if so, what kind of problem ? In order to reduce those problem , we should be discourage from using car?] There were 2 question, and I wasn't sure how I make structure . this kind of question, which structure essay is the best? THANK YOU

Hello Simon,
In your PDF book, in the section of "Positives of TV" you have:
Programmers can also be informative and educational.
Shouldn't it be "programmes" instead of "programmers"?


Can you tell me could I change the word" physical activity" into "do exercise" in task 1?

If not, how can I change this word?

Thank you so much for all classes!

@ U:


My understanding is that it is not necessary to change all the terminology or wording of the rubric or diagram labels. However, copying a phrase of more than three or four words may lower your score.

In this case, changing "physical activity" to "bodily movement" might leave the reader wondering what exactly is meant, or whether this somehow differs from "physical activity" (which is a well-understood standard phrase).

@ U:

"Also, 4 or more words in a row copied directly from the questions are not counted."

See comment by "Former Examiner" here:



In my ebook it does say "programmes". I don't know why it says "programmers" in your ebook - are you sure you have an orignal copy?

Hi.I need speaking buddy.If anybody is interested comment here I'll give contact details.

Dear All,

Just a interesting thing I want to share with you that you can find some vocabularies to build up the "theme" by searching key word on https://en.wikipedia.org.

For example: I searched the keyword "wedding" on wiki and I found some vocabulary in the wedding theme such as: wedding tradition, marriage vows, wedding reception, etc.

Wish you all have a nice IELTS learning with Simon (like me :))

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