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Tuesday, December 19, 2017


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First of all i would like to thank you for all your help. I bought lots of materials for writing from you. Last week i took ielts and i wonder about a listening question. The question was like that :

Uncommon colors e. g. blue ( what causes the blue color in amber is related to the occurence of .................. )

I wrote here ‘volcanic dusts’. But i wonder about whether it can be accepted or not. Because the answer probably ‘volcanic dust.’

Thank you. Regards.

if the answer was 'volcanic dust' but u wrote the same word with additional 's' then, it would be considered as wrong .


In recent exam following questions ask plz h
Some think the best way to motivate and encourage people to work hard is to pay them based on how much they produce and sell. Do you agree or disagree? Include relevant examples from your own experience

Disagree with statement

-1 - this only possible in marketing and sales department
- other staff not get any benefits
- due this there moral down for work
- Pay any perks is not good idea
- motivation done by provide job satisfaction and work/job balance

Plz any one help me I am on track or out of topi

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