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Sunday, December 03, 2017


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Hello, Simon, do you think this series is good for IELTS?




A) Note the following comments:

"concentrate on language learning"

"your teacher doesn't need to be an IELTS expert. You already have all the IELTS advice that you need here, so just try to find a good "general English" teacher."

In my view, it is all to easy to think that one must study IELTS material, and keep on and on doing exam practice; whereas some good general reading around appropriate topics would be much more enjoyable, interesting and memorable, and just as productive in terms of vocabulary, natural phrases, and ideas; and at the same time keep your mind focussed on thinking in English.

B) I have not looked at Collins Reading for IELTS but just glancing at model answers in the writing module made me wonder: they contain the following less-than-optimum sentences:

"There is no doubt that environment-related issues ought to be held responsible for by an international organization instead of individual countries."

"The given charts give information about.."

"It is believed by some people that governments are liable to resolve this issue."

"I think this is a negative development for some reasons below."

So the value of the writing module would to my mind be questionable.

i have not know that,while use those helping verb so, you can plese tell.

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