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Saturday, December 09, 2017


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Dear Simon,

I would like to take the chance and thank you for all the great lessons you have shared. Somethimes it is difficult to express appreciation in words but hope saying "thanks" could explain it all.

Dear All,
Task 2 question: some people think that to lern about other countries we have to travel , but some others say with the availability of Tv and the Internet there is no need.
Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

Hi Simon.
I took the test today. I followed your advices regarding reading and writing. That helped a lot. Lets see what happen. Hope for the best. I need 7 score. Please help me I took the test for couple of times but stuck at 6.5. Don't know where am I wrong. Please give an advice. Thanks.

Where you had an exam?place

Iran , irsafam

Before appeare in the next test you need to memorize all the mistakes and difficulties through which u had to suffered in last test. Work hard and try to do quality self study rather than quantity one.





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