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Sunday, December 10, 2017


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The best thing i learnt from your blog is how to approach any speaking , Writing task...


how to cope with reading n writing.

I'm still learning because I'm a newcomer here.

Anyone interested in speaking?

Anyone wnt to do speaking practice?

to use certain methods and techniques to answer the questions.

I was taught how to write sentences that natives use.

@preet May I join in?

Hi Simon,

The best things i have learnt from your site are new words and their synonyms, your useful advises and practices.
I am a newcomer, so this is so approachable for me to start.

Hi Preet,
May I?

Hello Simon ,i really need your suggestions.I got stuck 5.5 band on IELTS,i must improve all sections of test.Do you think i should study at first reading(cuz speaking and writing requires vocabulary knowledge)for a while or should i study all sections at the same time?

@colton and @xuan duc
we need to add each other for better speaking practise.

1.many Task 1 formats such as line graph(how to interpret and not get confused)
2. Very good vocabulary for task 2
3. Speaking parts(each part main goal, like part 1-short, quick, fluent answer, and so on and so forth)
4. READING: 'skimming and scanning' or 'not' hehe.

Hi Simon.

I have learnt enormous amount of tips and dips regarding IELTS tactics and general English skills from you.
The most useful idea is the method of IELTS writing task1 and 2 with Simon's IELTS sentence structure. That gives me an idea to organise paragraphs and I can achieve the writing tasks within the time limit.
Your lessons enforce me to read current news and other articles. This tip expand my general knowledge in wide range of topics. Therefore, I am able to have conversation with anyone regardless of topic, age and gender.

"tips" I understand.
"Dips" seems to be some kind of surgical procedure - did you mean "hints"?

Thanks guys. I'm glad you're learning something from my lessons!

Of course simon, you're the real deal. More power and keep on doing this online lessons.

The most valuable thing that i have learnt (understood) is what the examiners want from test-takers to give them a high score. Previously, i simply knew a set of criteria according to which candidates are marked but now i truly understand them. So thank you soooo much.

Reading Keyword technique ))

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