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Tuesday, November 07, 2017


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Thank you Simon, heartily for the tips. and thank you for all the materials that you have been providing.
I have been learning and following your tips and especially writing methods, and I am taking the test this saturday. wish me luck!

good luck for your test.i hope you will get good score band,If you prepare well.

Thank you sir.. Can I write the answer January 26..

You have to write date first.Otherwise, this will be considered as wrong.

@Sumesh Nair


The main thing is NOT to write something like 07/04/17 as in American English this would be July four, and in British seventh of April.

Whether IELTS or real life, always spell the month (or the first three letters Apr for April etc )

Thanks Jk and Quango.


I think it is also acceptable to write 26-01-2016 or 26/01/2016 (consider 1 word) or January 26th as you mentioned teacher? Can you please advise this?

It is indeed often confusing when coming to a date related question in lesson.

@JK and @Quango

I think IELTS is not to narrow itself to British English or to distinguish whether or not it is British or American English.

To me, as long as you meet the writing formula and you don't exceed the number of allowed words in your answer, you can score.

I might be wrong and hope that teacher Simon has sometime to shed some information to clear these confusions further.

If the speaker say 26th January and I write 26 January, will it be correct?TIA.

Also, if the speaker say 26 January and I write 26th January, will it be correct?

Hey simon, can we use short forms of months, days and the words like road, street and avenue in the ielts listening?

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