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Wednesday, October 11, 2017


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Wow, this is an important reminder. Thanks, Simon. I do feel that a neat handwriting takes so much time.

Nowadays managers and team leaders in different organisations are much younger compared to the past. What are the causes of this ? Is this a positive or negative development?

Recently , various organisations have young leaderships in comparison with the past. Youngsters are full of energy and more creative than elders , so they are preferred . Personally , I am against this development because it is unethical .

Companies choose youngsters as their bosses because of the following few reasons . One of the main causes is that the young people are generally more energetic and teams usually need a leader who is active and quick in every aspect instead of a dull or boring old man. In other words , young brains have more innovative and creative ideas to add a boost to their organisations . Another factor is that only those people manage to reach a top post at a young age who are hard working, motivated and devoted to their field of work from an earlier age. Hence they are more inspirational than the aged people of the same level . Canadian prime minister is the best example in this regard whose personality and leadership is motivational for the youth as well as for his country's progress .

However , I consider this a negative development to make only young people a manager or a leader . Firstly , it is unjust to replace an older person with a younger one as no one wants to be replaced . For example , if a person deserves a position which he is not given because of his age is definitely against ethics and justice. Secondly , the knowledge and practical skills which elders have learnt through their experiences are incomparable with a smaller age person . Finally , an elder boss will have a better control and hold on all the members because of he has achieved this goal after passing through all the stages which they are going through now .

In conclusion , creativity and motivation force organisations to welcome young people as leaders , I however , believe that it is unfair to deprive greying individuals of their rights.

Kinldy evaluate this essay is it right the way I wrote it. Because I think I've written advantages in first para instead of causes I'm not sure about it

It is true that Japanese societies believe the neat and correct writing is the beauty. As I am Japanese, i used to use an eraser all the time and my notebooks were like an reference book. I guess this cultural custom creates polite and punctual Japanese character. However, it wont apply to IELTS exam, at all as Simon said. Now my notebooks were very messy and many squible all around the books.

I could not agree more. Using eraser is really wasting time.I had encountered this issues while I took IELTS.

Since then, I prefer a pen to do writing test and cross the word if it is wrong

Simon, Is it OK to Cross the incorrect Spelling Word ,And writ the correct one just beside it on the answer Sheet Of the 1istening or Reading .

Thanks Simon for making this clear!

That's a great insight for me. I can save more time during the writing section.Thanks.


The following article contains topic vocabulary and examples :

re "the following few reasons":


Hii Simon

First of all I really dont know how to thank you for this amazing website.You are the best :)I also would request something from you:) Can we practise the essay question type of''What are advantages and disadvantages of smth ? '' without give your opinion statement.I always tend to give my opinion even though the question does not ask for it and always struggle to write an introduction or conclusion for this type as i am not supposed to give my opinion.

Hi Simon,

I would like to thank you for the effort you put in this blog to provide us with valuable IELTS resources. I'm from Sri Lanka and I did IELTS examinations very recently. I referred only your blog and did self studying. I got following results.
Overall Band: 7.5
Listening: 8.0
Reading: 8.0
Writing: 6.5
Speaking: 8.0
A big thank again for you guidance.

Thanks very much!
However, The College Entrance Exam in China, the most important exam to mant students, lay great emphasis on one's handwriting. The examiner will even score by how neat your handwriting is ONLY.

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