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Saturday, October 14, 2017


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CCTV camera can be used to monitor lake's surroundings and waterbodies alike.

Passive form

1. (adv) alike here means equally.
2. (adj) alike here means similar. ?
3. Alike means " in a very similar way. "
Am I right ?
(I based on Oxford dictionary's meaning )

As for the third sentence, you mentioned three groups of people instead of two groups, but I really don't know whether "alike" means "equally" or " in the same way" here.
Hope that you can explain it fully.
Thank you so much, teacher Simon.


In the first two sentences, using "alike" is similar to using the word "both" e.g. "Video cameras make cities safer for BOTH inhabitants and visitors."

The meaning of "alike" in the third sentence is exactly the same, but we can't substitute it with "both" in this case, because there are 3 items instead of 2 (only use "both" when talking about 2 things, not more).


The first two sentences are identical in structure:

plural noun + make + plural noun + adjective + for + two nouns + alike

Sentence 3 is different:

singular noun + can + passive verb + by + three nouns + alike

Can I replace alike with "as well" ?
Which one is better "as well" or " alike"?


Please note that I rarely use the word "alike", and we can simply delete it from the end of all 3 sentences in the lesson above.

It feels like I'm saying too much about this one word, expecially as I don't use it very often and it isn't really necessary anyway!

However, I only really used "alike" to illustrate a more useful point about sentence patterns. I hope you've taken this point from my lesson.

No more lessons about "alike", I promise!


Definitely, we focus too much on just one word. Nobody understands your intention till you say that it's enough now.
Thank you very much, teacher Simon!

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