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Saturday, October 07, 2017


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The huge amounts of nuclear waste on Earth constitute a serious danger to humans, animals and plants alike.

The two teachers had alike ideas about using technology in education

# In the hospital, workplace, health and safety department protect doctors, nurses and other staff alike from physical and mental accident.

# My three children had received an academic reward alike at the end of the term.

His latest play has delighted theatre audiences and theatre critics alike.

Public servants in government always works hard for workers,businessmen and employees alike.

The profits gained from the selling of bouquets of flowers are given for the sellers and the poor alike. In this way, I think alike is an adverb which means " equally".

CCTV footage confirm your safety, prevent losing of precious items from footpath,shoping mall and alike.

Good day Simon! :)
Is this correct?

The hospital director treats nurses, doctors and janitors alike.

Government should give increment to public servants and private workers alike.

The CCTV make the ward safer for the patients and visitors alike.

This new kind of equipment is suitable for swimmers and athletes alike

Decreasing carbon emission rates sustantially can benefit citizens, indigenous animals and plants alike

My house has a lot of facilities, a gym and a tennis court alike.

would someone plz tell me what does it mean unising alike in this sentence?

1) The word 'alike' can be used as an adjective, meaning 'similar'.

e.g. The two ideas look alike.

2) It can also be an adverb meaning 'in the same way'.

e.g. The two ways lead to an conner alike.

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