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Sunday, October 22, 2017


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 3 sentences: direct answer, explanation, example
 Organising: No…/ The reason for this is that… / For example,…
 Good vocabulary: change very much, tend to be protected, live close to an area called…, nothing seems to have changed, be just as they were

4 sentences
Direct answer <->No
Explanation<-> the reason for this is that
Examples<-> Peak District

Good vocabulary
The reason for this is that~
Tend to be protected
Construction is not allowed
Nothing seems to have changed since I was young
Just as they were

Use ; to add a sentence to illustrate the previous one

Answer 2
3 sentences: direct answer, giving the reason then put forward an example
Organising: No, they.../ The reason for this is that…, and... / For example, ...
Good vocabulary: countryside areas, tend to be protected, not allowed, close to an area called, nothing seems to have changed,just as they were

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