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Sunday, October 29, 2017


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dear Simon,
This is really things I met when I was learning English.

When I prepared for my speaking exams without a partner, I always had to think about grammar, ending sounds as well as mistakes before I spoke(Grammar's really difficult to wrap my mind around) Therefore I spoke extremely slow, always um..ah..um.. do not fluency.

and then I joined in an English club. They spoke quite fluently and confidently. However, they all made mistakes about grammar and ending sounds and used with the present. I might be affected by them. how I need to do right now.

Hi, Simon!
In exam, I couldn't complete task 1. I only could write intro and overall. will my writing score be reduced?

Dear Huong
I used to be take this special situation too.
Should you take part in a class within tutor/instructor who is probaly efficient in English.

In speaking i feel the same situation.I always think in my mind before i speak it,but the problem is how can i practice please advice me.

I've been dealing with this problem, studying or practising. In my opinion, the best way is studying English by asking or practising each day. But I think I can start my first step at speaking as much as possible with correct pronunciation or ending sounds. Then I would speak slowly and focus on grammar. When I am confident with my grammar, I can speed it up with advanced vocabulary. Finding the partners to practise speaking is also an important factor to improve speaking. However, practising every day is more vital.

What should we do Simon to gain skill not knowledge? What is your suggestions?
Thank you

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