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Monday, September 25, 2017


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not A but C.
I'm in dilemma but I will go for C


Reason:pepper tree showing great potential in the fight against antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections, traditional South American medicine from as early as 1648.

The second paragraph describes how pepper tree protects patients.



A - Yes (an invasive plant in the southern United States, is showing great potential in the fight against antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections.)
Weed = invasive plant
Busts bacteria = fight against antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections

B - Not mentioned that traditional medicines are coming back, however Brazilian pepper tree usage was identified in primitive period.

C - This paragraph is not about problems.

D - Its not a new plat, because it was used in 1648.


This article mainly introduces the medicine of Brazilian pepper tree. According to the article, The Brazilian pepper tree were firstly used as medicines in 1648, and scientists now find it useful for resistant bacteria. Therefore, the article is 100% mentioned traditional medicines are coming back.

Answer A and C did not mention the main idea of the article.

I will go for B


A team of scientists studied historical accounts of its use in traditional South American medicine from as early as 1648.

the second paragraph compares differences between modern antibiotics and the pepper tree extract. the writer wants to show the merit of the extract.



Hi Simon,
I want to thank you for all the tips you share every week, they are really helpful. I studied with your blog and following your advices and last Friday I got my IELTS results and I got a 7.5 band.
I was very happy and surprised at the same time.
Thanks a lot!




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Please make some suggestions pertaining to the botheration.






B i think





B) Traditional medicines make a comeback
There was only one mentioned and it did not discuss about general traditional medicines. The new medicine is being studied is an extract, which is not exactly the same traditional medicine used in the past.

C) The problem of resistant bacteria
Only mentioned partly.

D) New plant-based medicines are on the way
No details about why/how new plant-based medicineS are on the way. It was a potential solution to resistant bacteria, which happened to be from a plant.

I guess that left A as the answer.

mainly discuss about Brazillian pepper tree which used as medicine since 1648 at South America, through history scientist conducted a further study about Brazillian pepper's extract.

A : not only mention about weed but also antibiotics and resistant bacteria.
C : not only mention about resistant bacteria but also Brazillian pepper
D : Brazillian pepper is a traditional plant which used as medicine


It mainly describe the extract from the pepper tree (plant-based) can prevent bacterial cells from communicating,thus enhance the body' immune system and defeat against the bacteria.


- "New plant-based medicines" are from the Brazilian pepper tree extract.
- They are still not mass produced and hence still "on the way".

B. The first paragraph mentions about how the Brazilian pepper tree was ulilized to create medicine to fight back bacteria. The second paragroup, then gives information about how people in mordern life reuse it, so definately it's a "come-back" of a traditional type of medicine.



This was the actual title of the article.

a weed = an invasive plant
busts bacteria = potential in the fight against antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections, able to disarm a virulent type of Staphylococcus bacterium, it prevents bacterial cells from communicating

The other three answers are too general. Answer A is the only one that mentions the real topic of the article, which is the Brazilian pepper tree.

Overthought the answer. It was devastating.

B. Traditional Medicine make a comeback

Personally, the main introduction, which is stated in the first paragraph, focuses on the main topic of the article. Moreover, the second sentence, which is located in the first paragraph, contains an information that pertains to the traditional and historical use of the Brazilian pepper tree by the southern Americans, which I think is the focus or the title of the article. Meanwhile, letter "A" is quite clever and tricky because it talks about the weed of the tree that fights bacteria; however, if you read closely in the article, it pertains to the fruit itself and not the leaves. Finally, I can say that choices "C" and "D" are not the correct answers because these are located in the second paragraph, which is the main body and the conclusion of the article that gives further full details about the topic itself.

Dear Simon,

The answer is not D because it said about medicines, not medicine? Can I stand this argument?

Dear Simon,
is it at all possible that the marking people for the exam could get my score wrong ? and if so, how can i prove it or correct it ?
also, is it possible to see the answers for the test i had ?
the reason i'm asking is cause i just received my scores and they do not reflect my proficiency level as i already had many exams before and never scored such a low number.
Thank you

@ Sujit

New plant-based - not mentioned
medicine - general topic
on the way - not mentioned.

Hope it will clear your doubt.

The Answer is Actually D

A in not [because weed and invasive are similar but there is no much about weed]

B is not [it is right that the medicine was used as before or near about 1648 but weather it has comeback, sounds very strong and any strong claim about comeback is not mentioned any where in the passage]

c is not [ because it is completely irrelevant with the main idea of the passage there is no claim about the resistance from bacteria is important or it is the plant is only the most important one to resist bacteria or a detail information about bacteria resistance]

D is the correct Answer. [Because it says " New plant-based medicines are on the way" Which means the Medicine is new not the plant. it means.. A new medicine developed from a plant which is effective to resist bacteria and it is on its way and so on..]




The answer is definitely A. This is a real article from National Geographic magazine, and A was the real title.

Thank you a lot for your post and explanation.

Pay attention to B and D, we can see the word "medicines" is in plural form, thus they can be crossed out right away

We can clearly see C is not the main point, so what's left is a seemingly simple answer, A.

@eftekhar That's only your speculation of what'd be coming next, which is not presented in the text here

B - Traditional medicines make a comeback

first paragraph: The Brazilian pepper tree... A team of scientists studied historical accounts of its use in traditional South American medicine from as early as 1648. Focusing their experiments on its fruits, which reportedly were used to treat wounds, they then produced an extract that’s able to disarm a virulent type of Staphylococcus bacterium.

second paragraph: The Brazilian pepper tree extract deploys an unconventional tactic against infections. It prevents bacterial cells from communicating, which keeps them from ganging up to create tissue-destroying toxins.

Well I am confused with this answer

Sir can I write on both side in positive and negative effects type essay . In writing task 2




B, It is a proper summary for the article.
Firstly, the Brazil pepper tree is not a weed, so A is not concerned as an answer.

From first paragraph, we knew is not a new specie. D is also not an proper answer.

Concerning C, it could be a possible answer, but I think the whole article is not focus on the continuous problem. If the ancient tree has no effect on antibiotics-proof bacteria, why NGO wasting money on writing this issue?

So B, is a proper answer.


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