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Sunday, September 24, 2017


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Some good vocabularies:
Up-and-coming singer
Be blown away by something
Support act
Catch the main performance
To help with a product launch
Arrange to meet beforehand

An up-and-coming singer and guitarist
Be blown away
A support act
Catch the main performance
Visit a client
Help with a product launch
Areange to meet beforehand or outside the venue

I learnt that we shouldn't use contraction such as

you'll, won't, can't etc because the marks are deducted. But in this letter the contractions heavily used.

Can you please explain ?

Thank you


Contractions are a typical feature of INFORMAL letters like the one above. You can use them in this type of letter, but not in a formal letter or in your task 2 essay.

Can you comment on my WRITING TASK 1: Letter – To ask your remote manager for granting a computer for working.

Dear Patrick,
I hope you are doing well. I am just writing to ask you for the new working devices. It would be a really good idea if I had a laptop and a separated monitor that will support me pretty much in coming busy tasks.
As you know, my desktop is became old after four years using and I as requested by the new position of the procurement engineer, I need to move a lot for warehouse inspection, to see customs officers, to have meetings with clients, to visit suppliers and subcontractors for validation. So the laptop with configuration of 14 inches screen or less, processor core i5 is convenience for me. Besides, it is required me to read all technical specifications, to make the table of comparison, to draft the purchase order when I am at the office. So, the additional width monitor 21 inches is good to manage in reading, especially with excel file, combing pdf files, to copy and paste without printing any documents.
I guess you are aware of my new working conditions. And if you agree with my suggestion, please approve my purchase request as attached.
I am looking for your advices and approval.
Thank you.

Can I change 'He'll be going' to 'He'll go'?

Hello sir
I want to ask you that when we are writing letters in General training,do we have to skip one line after writing yours faithfully,yours sincerely and best regards?

Thanks in advance.


Yes, I always miss a line. But this won't affect your score.

"The concert will start at 7pm"

A better sentence

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