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Tuesday, August 22, 2017


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Thank you for sharing such an informative speech.
Here are a few of the new vocabularies that I learned:
public health risk of our time.
existential crisis
in-person friendship/interactions/relationships
life-long resident
sentient human beings.

Thanks a lot it was very clear and useful TED.

Thank you so much sir for this wonderful websit!
blue zone
in the developing world
huge gap
at any age
remote mountain zone
my curiousity is peaked
live 100 beyond
archetecture builty
social coherension
socail isolation
lean on
life long residents
live like a bird
looking after
happy-go-lucky guy
thinking positively
grumpiest person
no body has known my sectrets
pleasure life spans large loving caring family
low fat diet put that day off data lest powerful
clearn air heptension treated cardiact reheb flu vaccine moderate drinker top predictiors closest relationship walk you to the doctor who stit whith you how much you interact with thme makes you a coffee play pokers make a difference being the under a consious map the difference between research wathcing or talking about the same interacting with person tension anticipant emotional reward life partner smater when they heard your voice they think you are smarter priorities in-person relationship primary relationship lower level of stress more survival offspring lower the dementia better protect face-to-face contact built our socail connection with building it an sustaining it digital technology/revolotion looking into the screen is not identical

my new vocabulary
aerial view
constantly intersect
social cohesion
solitary life
extension crisis
sentient human beings

flipside of social cohesion
existential crisis
bolsters the immune system
epicenter of the VIlla
social integration/ socially engaged/ face to face interaction/social cohesion
gregarious >> sociable fond of company
cascade of neurotransmitters
stunning benefits and stunning video Simon! :D

social integration - social disintegration
weak and strong bonds
pique your interest / curiosity
social cohesion
be socially engaged
put a lie to the notion that...

Face-to face contact reduces stress. releases neurotransmitters, kills pain
Shaking hands
eye contact
body language
use voices
interactive person/digital interaction
the power of face-to-face contact

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