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Sunday, July 16, 2017


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Hi Simon,

I joined today.

Thank you for your helping in advance

Thanks for your sharing, I hope I can pass this exam with your help !

Hello Simon,

I wonder whether you have all writing task 2 structures which we can face in real exam. I mean briefly all types of questions (agree, opinion , discuss etc)

Thanks in advance

Hi simon.
I have heard that we should not mention country's name while giving as an example on writing task 2..is that true?


As you might be aware, since last November, all writing answer sheets from all over the world are sent to Canada or Australia and they are corrected by examiners in this countries.
Since then, many people have stated that their writing score has decreased by at least 1 band score. There is also a debate among students in my country regarding the examiners of IDP vs British Council. Some argue that British Council examiners are not as strict as IDP ones and therefore they are deciding to sit for the exam in British Council centers.
What is your opinion about the mentioned arguments and rumors? Do you find any truth in any of them?

Thank you.


All examiners are trained exactly the same way all over the world, so there is absolutely no difference in where they do the test. I don't understand what you mean by 'IDP' examiners or 'British Council' examiners. IDP and the British Council are co-owners of IELTS and all examiners are employed by both entities. Again, all training is conducted using the same materials.

There is no evidence at all that writing scores have decreased in the past year (and I have asked the right people this question). Since the change in writing marking, examiners are now heavily monitored and the scoring has actually become much more consistent.

What I can say is that because monitoring has increased, it is more important than ever to make sure that you have been taught in IELTS by someone who understands the marking descriptors completely. The amount of teaching and advice that I see online and from famous 'schools' terrifies me, because some of this advice is clearly wrong and is more likely to be penalised now.

hi, Simon,
this is totally unrelated to this post.
but i really needed to ask it from you. two or three months back u posted a research result about teaching institutions in Asia and I am unable to find the post now.do U recommend IELTS ZONE INSTITUTE IN ISLAMABAD for IELTS preparation?
actually, i am perpetually stuck with 6.5 in written and i really need 7 in written .in other areas in listening and reading i am doing fine .

please please help


Thanks a million Simon for your reply.

Excuse me, Simon. I have a stupid question. Which computer dictionary do you use?


Just the dictionary that came installed on my Apple Mac.

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