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Sunday, July 23, 2017


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Enjoy your holiday!!

have a good time!

Hi Simon,Sorry to bother your holiday. I am so confusing about on writing task.
The topic is ‘Housing shortage in big cities can cause severe social consequences. Some people think only government actions can solve this problem.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?’ I read a sample which focuses on how the government to solve this problem, and what they can do. But when I was writing, I focused on why it is the government that can solve this problem and what they can do. I am wondering which structure is better or both are ok.

Looking forward to your advice, thank you so much.

Best regards.



In my opinion, it is oke as long as you mention agree with that view. Then, you can describe fully the reasons why only government that can tackle this problem and you have to add examples to support your reasons by showing the way government tackle this issue and migh be compared to another parties

Hi Dona,

Thanks for your suggestions.

I think I fail to compare with why other parties cannot do it. And do you think it is all right if the essay just focuses on the way that governments do without mentioning the reasons why it is governments' responsibilities.


It will likely reduce your score on task achievement. As we know, task achievement takes 25% of the total score of essay.


Got it. Thank you so much.

Have a nice holiday.

Have a nice holiday

have a lovely holiday:)

Have a good holiday !

enjoy your leave

Have a good and enjoyable week. <3

Hope you have a wonderful time during the holiday!
Best regards!

Thanks guys!

Hi Simon, thank you for your hard work.

Have a great holiday!

Have a nice holiday, teacher.

Have a nice holiday.....enjoy

iyi tatiller gardaş canım

Peace and joy to you and your family this summer holiday ...!!!

simon is not here, but I read and study usually.

simon go out and play with his families.
is he happy with the family day?
we missing he , need he , help us .

Hi simon.

Sorry to bother you in Holidays. But I need your help,
I have Given general exam 3 times.. every time i got 6 in writing but my ielts requitement is 7.. In my last exam i have almost did everything which was taught to me by my Trainer bt again i got 6. I am totally confused now nd I Dn't know what to do so could you please help me.. Mine exam is on september 9th..

@CharanKamal kaur
Looking at your posting: "in Holidays", "Given general exam", "I have almost did", "Mine exam"; perhaps there are some grammar issues which are pulling your score down.

Good day Simon,
Please tell me if this is correct once you return :) sorry to bother your holiday :) or anyone who could share their comment with this:

In the year 1950, the percentage of love marriages in Japan was just above 20%, and Japanese arranged marriages stood at around 65%.

Thank you.

Grammatically okay. How about comparing:

In the year 1950, the majority (65%) of marriages in Japan were arranged, whereas only 20% of marriages were for love.

And what about the other 15%? For money? Or pregnant already?


Thank you so much for sharing your idea. I will take note of this. I will try to make another report with comparison. Have a nice day! :)

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Money bags is always on holiday.

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