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July 30, 2017


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Good day Simon,

Please tell me if my sentence and paragraph construction is correct. I just want to know if I am doing the right thing. I made an introduction and an overview. Thank you.

The line graph compares the percentage of British homes with one car, two cars, three or more cars and those without cars over a period of 36 years from 1971 to 2007.

It is clear that the proportion of families in the U.K with two cars increased significantly over the period shown, while families without cars decreased considerably between 1971 and 2007. Furthermore, the trend were inversely proportional.

Maybe you all never heard Taobao. It is not a good idea to sell lessons in China, you will earn nothing.



simon, you are a nice guy, but above the guy saying is considerable ( nearly 98%) , please think about you business reputations in the website . if the partner is James Z the one ,who are only (maybe :50% ) you can trust in China .
sorry Dear James Z to mentioned you name here


Thanks guys, I know about the problems with copying in China. I do trust the partner mentioned above, and they are working on ways to give students the kind of service that they can't find if they get a copied version.

That's so great!!!

Thank you again, Simon, for providing us so many helpful trainings.

dear simon,putting aside the taobao thing,i still donnot think it is the beat way to make your lessons popular in china .Loads of assistant organizations are in china to take market,which will make your perfect work unattactive.it is a pity to lose such a large market.I am familiar with the environment of chinese business,i will do everything i can if you need me.

plus,i love your work so much .you are an amazing guy to make the ielts test so clear.

I'm Vahid a Civil engineer who is going to take part in an IELTS exam in December. So I'm working hard nowadays, I'm looking for a serious person whom I can rely on and exchange my knowledge with, I need at least 7 for each band score and I'm into speaking at least 1 hour a day. If you think it would be useful for you too we can arrange some speaking sessions with topics which are pre-determined from books such as "Ielts maximiser" "15 days practise for IELTS speaking" and "220 speaking topics" or topics that you offer.My phone number is +989358352918 and it's on telegram and WhatsApp. Whatsoever I hope you can achieve your goals.

i'm janak Kandel from Nepal,a small beautiful country in south Asia.As i am going to take my IELTs examination on 25 November,is there anyone with whom i could practice my speaking section? if so then you can contact me on mentioned contact no.
+9779865005674( it"s my viberno )
looking forward to speak with the deserving one.

Dear Simon,thank you for trusting your partner and I am going to buy the e-book through that website.For a long I could not find the proper way to pay.Your site was recommended by one of my friend who is studying UCL.He said got 8 band after he had listened your classes! I wish I were too.

Dear Simon,

i have bought all your vedios, and i really admire the way you work and how easy you have made everything so easy to understand for the student. I am from a language in china. Is it possible that we can cooperate in some way?

Please let me know.

Kind regards
Julie Zhao

Hi Simon,
I have been following myself and recommending your website to a lot of my students. Thank you soooo much for these wonderful resources.

Seeing the posts above, it reminded me of another website which I saw recently. The website is owned by an English training institution I believe. They are promoting your materials. I am not sure if you are aware of this situation. Hope they have asked you for permission before putting things up on their sites.

The website is : http://zt.zhan.com/ieltskaoqian49234.html


Thanks G. No, I haven't given them permission.

Dear Simon,

Thank you for taking time to see my comment. Actually, I haven't taken the IELTS exam befor and sign up the IELTS exam next month. So can I ask some question about the exam?

1. I hope my speaking test can get high grade and I think I am able to talk to the examiner just like firends' talking. But, you know, if in a really chat, we can shall our view and also make some joy. Can I do this in a speaking test? Or just the examiner ask me a question and I answer one? And also, should I pay attention to answer time, like in part one, for each question, I have to limit in 30 sec.

2. My friends tell me, sometimes, my pronounciation like Indian English, but just a little. In fact, I want my spoken English seem more like a native. You know, it's hard to speak as a native all the time, and just like my friends say like a Indian speaker. Should I keep this, or give up and speak as my own way?

Please E-mail me.

Best wishes,

A Chiness examinee--LLF

Ielts group


Text me to join group

Dear Simon,

I'm grateful for your help. You introduced a wonderful teaching team for my daughter one month ago.

This is the first time she attended the IELTS test. She received the results yesterday. Her reading and listening band scores were 9, writing 6.5 and speaking 6.0.

I'm glad to hear about the great news, and appreciate all the help her tutor gave her last month.

If we didn't have your assistance, we were unable to find the wonderful teaching team.

Thanks again,


I'm glad your daughter got the scores she needed Fiona. Tell her well done!

Hello to whom may concern. There will be an IELTS test for me at the start of November, but I am still struggling with my speaking part. Is there anyone interested in conversation practice regularly? FYI, I plan to get a score no less than 7.0, so if you consider we are compatible, please feel free to contact me through e-mail. Here is my E-mail address: damiandd@qq.com

Hi Simon
May i ask which teaching team you have introduced to Fiona's daughter please?
Cause I would like to prepare IELTS the end of this year, i supposed that there may be a chance to get some training before the test.

So much appreciation if you could introduce a teaching team for me. THANKS.


Does anybody know the website called Ipredicting ?
I wonder if it allow me to read online ?

Dear Simon,
I need help.
I live in Shanghai. I got to know this online course through your website, I thought the payment was easier, so I just choose to buy it there. But after I bought the writing program, I didn’t receive the materials that they promised to send me for half month.
I am wondering if there is a digital version of writing lesson material?
I do really need it.
My e-mail address is jen_huang@qq.com
And I also want to tell you that I don’t think this Chinese partner is functioning anymore. I’ve sent them many messages, and they just didn’t answer it.
Thank you for reading this!


Hi Jen,

Sorry about that. I've been in touch with them, and I think everything is back to normal after a little break.

Just email me if you need to: ieltssimon@gmail.com

Hi Simon,
I did not find entrance to register an account on your website. Would you like to tell me how to register before I buy some courses? Thank you.

Hi,I’m Elena from Iran.I’m gonna take IELTS exam as soon as possible.If everything goes right with current crisis,I will register for the exam in one month.My speaking score is around 6 right now and I’m looking for a partner to practice on a daily basis.If there is anyone engaged,please contact me on whatsapp.I would be glad to meet you🙏🏻🙏🏻
My contact number:00989190417211

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