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Thursday, July 06, 2017


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Hi, Simon.
That's exactly a technique I want. I don't have time to pick up details. Today it took 50 min for me to write task1. I used to focus two main features and ignore small ones. I thought it was wrong after I saw your video lesson.

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Hi,Simon! I've just got IELTS results ,and decided to write you a "thank- you" message:) I've scored 7.5!! I am very happy that I found your blog, fiull of great lessons;it was the only resource that I used for preparation (except of official Cambridge books)
Simon, thank you very much for all your work,time that you spend on creating content ,it really helps people with exam's preparation!

Dear Simon, please comment on it!

The table compares two primary schools in terms of the proportions of their pupils who experienced seven different educational problems in the years 2005 and 2015.

It is noticeable that school A had higher proportions of children with all seven educational difficulties in both years. However, while school A managed to reduce the incidence of most of the problems between 2005 and 2015, school B saw an overall rise in the percentage of children who were struggling.

In 2005, the most significant difficulties the students of School A faced was following instructions which was 42% as opposed to only 6% in School B as the second least serious problem. In school B, most of pupils do not have problem in spelling and handwriting, only 5% -7% have such problems in comparison to around 28% in School A. Over one third of students in School A have difficulties in Concentration in lessons, verbal expression of ideas and listening skills which accounted for approximately three times of students in School B. For reading ability, 22% of School A’s students have such problem compared to 8% in school B.

In 2015, there were significant drop in the percentage of students in the serious problems in School A which accounted for around 24% to 15% decrease as opposed to only 5% fall in Listening skills and increase or level in the rest of problems. However, the proportion of School B’s pupils facing difficulties remained unchanged or marginally increased.

Hi Simon,

I want to express many thanks for your dedication to this website. I have just received my IELTS A module from 24th of June results. I achieved L:8.5 W:7 R:7.5 S:7.5. I would not be able to achieve this without your website, particularly writing skills you have posted on here. Please keep up good work!! Once again, thank you so much!


Dear Simon,
I received my Ielts result today (24th June test). It's a band 8(L:9, R:9, W:7, S:7.5). I am a bit disappointed with the Writing score but overall the result is great and more than enough for me.
I thank you very much.
From Vietnam.

Wow, great scores Elizabeth, Gary and Hung. Congratulations! I'm really happy that my lessons helped you to do so well.

Dear Simon,

I am writing to express my gratitude.I have finished my IELTS journey last month, with a 7.5 in writing. Thank you very much. Your website is really helpful and I have recommended it to my friends who are struggling with IELTS writing and speaking :)

To be honest,my IELTS journey was a long and tough one. I went through a lot. Now, I really want to share my experience and knowledge with others and help them prepare for IELTS,but I do not know where to start (except for keep studying and parcticing). I wonder whether you have teacher training courses.

Thanks a million.

@ Dan

"the most significant difficulties .... was/were"
"there were/was (a) significant drop"

Inconsistent tenses - sometimes past, sometimes present.

Detail paragraphs confusing to me; perhaps better with one paragraph on each school.

Try rearranging the opening paragraph starting:
"The table compares the incidence of ..."

Dear all, this is my first practice writing, could you please give comment on this. Thank you.
The table provides data about seven educational problems that pupils struggled in two primary schools in 2005 and 2015.

It is clear that school A had bigger percentage of children who got all problems than school B in both years.
But while school A correctly addressed the problems and managed to improve over time, school B's situation was still the same, even worse in 2015.

In the year of 2005, the proportion of children in school A that struggled in all seven areas is quite high, almost tripled as compared to school B.
Especially, 42% of pupils in school A experienced the difficuties in following instructions.

In 2015, school A still had higher percentage of struggling children, but the situation had been significantly improved.
School A reduced the percentage of all educational problems to below 30%. Handwriting became the most popular problems with 28%.
Although school B still had a smaller percentage of struggling children, it had failed to improve the education environment, with more pupils facing the same problems as in 2005.

You don't need to start each sentence on a new line in English.

Popular or common problem?
Struggle or struggle with something?
Experienced difficulties or experienced the difficulties?

Hi Simon,
Could you please give me some suggestion about IELTS. From where I start to do practice for my IELTS.

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