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Thursday, July 20, 2017


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-examples of good cohesion (linking / comparing)
However, while ~, school B ~.
while the equivalent figures

-less common vocabulary
was less pronounced

1.similiarly,between 30 and 40 per cent of ...in the area of.... while the equivalent figures...
2.saw falls of.... who has problems with...

1. incidence
2. struggling / struggled
3. equivalent
4. less pronounced

Although it is somehow weird to see someone self-priase his own composition, it is objective enough and I can learn alot through this. Cheers.

examples of good cohesion (linking / comparing)

examples of less common vocabulary
Overall rise,
The equivalent figures,

Thinks Simon,
I will follow your daily lessons, and wish I can get a good score of IELTS after two months.

Hi Simon,

I have a question on a writing task one in test 2 book 9 Cambridge IELTS book. I have my sample answer and I would love it if you reviewed it for me, and please tell me what band could this give me? So, how could I send the sample?

HI Simon, thank you for your lessons
I have a question about the coherence and cohesion of your text. I am confused about how your cohesion did it job without attracting too much attention and how to achieve this. What does it take for usages of cohesion to be considered to attract too much attention?
Again, thank you very much for your useful lessons


I'm afraid I don't offer that service here. Please read the information on the page linked below:




Here are 2 lessons that might help with "cohesion that doesn't attract too much attention":



Good day Simon,
Please tell me if this is correct:

In the year 1950, the percentage of love marriages in Japan was just above 20%, and Japanese arranged marriages stood at around 65%.

Thank you.

My name is Jaswinder. I am preparing for Ielts test (GT). My band requirement is 5 band each. My English is not much good. How can I get 5 band in each module. Please guide.

With best regards

Great Simon:
thanks for you great work. I do have a question here. Please help me.
Here is a centence from one of you sample article of TAST 1:
'In school B, however, the proportion of children who struggled with spelling and following instructions doubled, to 10% and 12% respectively, and there was almost no change in the incidence of listening, verbal or concentration problems.'
But why not proportions?
I mean 'the proportions of children who struggled with...'
Are they both right?
Thank you!
best regards from china.

thanks for your help

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