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Saturday, July 15, 2017


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Hi Simon! I've had my test(academic) today and task was:Most countries want to improve the standard of living through economic development, however, others think the social value is lost as a result. Do you think the advantages of economic development outweigh the disadvantages.
I wrote one main body about positive as high rate of employment, and the second as disadvantage about a more materialistic world(I said only about that people want to earn more money for luxury goods). I didn't say anything about the lost social values. Will this affect my task response? Is there a chance that I will get a 7 or 8 for the task response?

Sorry instead of" however, others think " is only "but"

"My new vocabulary ideas"

#the incidence of most of the problems
#in the areas of spelling
#the equivalent figures for school B


Paragraph 1 was only compared two main points which were the highest percentage and Other categories in one sentence.

Paragraph 2 was mentioned about how many percentage of students in school A had decrease their numbers, and fluctuation of school B which some had changed and some had not changed.


@ Cristina,

It seems that you haven't fully response to the task and 25% of the masks is given for task response. In addition to that you have discussed only one advantage and one disadvantage and it is not clear that how do you explain those. as well as you didn't mention about any example that you gave. By considering all these points, i feel that there is very low possibility to get you at least 7 band score.

Thank you Jeff for your answer. I explained those 2 main ideas which I wrote in my previous message and I gave examples in both paragraphs, but I feel too that I failed to cover everything what the question requiered

Here is a list of phrases which I collected from the writing written by Simon. It is worth giving a look:
1. compares ... in terms of ...
2. pupils who experienced
3. in the years 2005 and 2015.
4. It is noticeable that
5. However, while school A managed to ...
6. to reduce the incidence of
7. school B saw an overall rise in...
8. found it difficult to ...
9. ..., whereas only...
10. Similarly, ...
11. had problems in the areas of ...
12. the equivalent figures for school B stood at between ....and ...
13. the difference ... was less pronounced
14. Notably, ...
15. children who struggled to follow instructions fell by 24%
16. saw falls of 22%
17. In school B, however, ...
18. the proportion of children doubled, to 10% and 12% respectively
19. there was almost no change in the incidence of ...

Hi Simon, I would like to thank you for all the hard work that you've done on teaching us about ielts writing essay.

My friend just took an ielt exam last week and he noticed that the ielt exam writing module question nowadays was more on problem-solution essay type such as health, noise pollution, environment etc. could you make an example with this type of question? thanks in advance.

Dear Simon,

I have learned a lot from your blog recently. Thank you so much!!!

However, I am really confused by one type of question (do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages).You put it like ‘this question can be answered by giving both sides or by supporting only one side, depending on the view that you express in your introduction'; while you also class this type as a ‘discussion + opinion question’and we are supposed to "discuss both sides and make your opinion clear too".

So, should I mention both advantages and disadvantages; or, am I allowed to just discuss advantages if my view is that there are no disadvantages(theoretically)?

What if my view is that the advantages are far more than the disadvantages? Can I just discuss advantages?

Looking forward to your reply.Thanks again!


I also had same question regarding this. But finally I realized that it is better to consider " do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages" type question as Opinion + Discussion question due to below reason.
if you want to answer the question of "do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages" definitely you have to tell about both advantages and disadvantages. after that you have to tell whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages or not. In doing so, you give your opinion.

Hope this will help you.


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