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Friday, July 07, 2017


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Thanks for the advice.


Simon ,could you please tell me how to reiforce writing skills?

thank you

Dear Simon,
First of all many thanks for your great advice and tips,I have a question in writing task 2, I understand that we should put 1 idea and expand it,when we are asked about the advantageS and disadvantageS or similary in problemS and solutionS, can we just pick 1 for each of them to make 2 bodies and 4 paragraph essay?
wont we lose mark because we did not address more than one?
Thanks and lookforward to hearing from you.


If the question asks for plurals (like 'advantages') then you have to provide more than one. If you don't, then you might be penalised for not answering the question fully.

Dear Simon
Thank you for your advice. While i have some problems in the speaking part. I just don't know where to have a pause, which words should be supress liaison. If you have any advice about this and materials that can help.

thank you so much!

Dear Simon,

If so,should we still make 2 bodies?
It might make our 2 bodies a bit longer and hard to manage during the test and time pressure.

Thanks again


Yes you should do one body paragraph for the advantages and one for the disadvantages. Most body paragraphs contain more than one idea. Look at Simon's essays - many contain three ideas. A body paragraph should be around 100 to 120 words, so just write around 50 to 60 words for each idea.

Thanks, Simon
I try to use that method everytime I answer part 3 questions but I still can't answer well.
What should I do??

I am appearing for IELTS on 29th july.
I am following simon's advice
And i need a serious partner for english speaking practice?
My required band is 8.0.
Anyone interested?

Hi ama my exam is also on 29th july
can we give a try?

anyone readyy for speaking practice? im from PAkistan

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