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Friday, July 14, 2017


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Hello Simon. I would like to ask whether I am able to use capital letters for whole world in listening&reading exam in order to avoid from spelling mistakes. For example to write PICTURE in answer sheet instead of picture.
Thanks in advance!


Yes you can.

Hi Simon, my 2nd ielts exam in the fortnight as I received a band score of 6 in SPEAKING test. Simon, if in case Ill be called on again by this same person, will it be ok to say I would like to choose another speaking- examiner? I'm not categorising her but she herself is not a native English speaking person. She may have come from an African country and I'm struggling to understand her as well, she acted very proud and sounds very unfriendly which my experience with her is not quite harmonious! I'm now dreading to think that I might seat with her again and I'll just drop and play dead if I see her!


I'm not sure what the official policy is, but you can try asking them to make sure that you have a different examiner. Let me know what they say.

Hi Jon,

I would suggest you get in touch with the official IELTS organiser (probably by e-mail) detailing your last experience. You need to provide them with reasonable grounds on which you are making this appeal so they can investigate.

Good luck!

Thanks guys. I think that gaves me the idea to make an appeal on my first try. Will get in touch soon!


Examiners are not supposed to examine people they have examined before. If an examiner remembers examining someone previously, they are supposed to not examine that person again. You have the right to remind an examiner if they assessed you previously.

Hello folks, Welcome to join our "IELTS Speaking 7+" group in whatsapp. We used to discuss on IELTS speaking, especially cue card topics.


Thank you for all your advice on IElTS!
I'd like to know how long it will take for a candidate to improve from tatal band 5.5 (speaking and writing are both band 5) to 6.5 (speaking and writing are above band 6)? How to prepare for
Thank you so much!

Dear Simon,
I am going to take an ielts exam in the next month. I am so worried about my 4 skills because I have no so much time to review and practice test. I practice IELTS at home so could you give me some advice book and method for a-month preparation.

Hi ,simon I'm noor from Iraq .I ask you if you can gave us the topics that came in part 2A with there answer.

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