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July 11, 2017


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1, global fenominent
2, envy
3, One kind of book is 'you can do it, anything is possible' and other kind of book is low self-steam
4, To crate fallire in someone's life and increase the number of suicide.

1. Global phenomenon
2. Envy
3. You can do it

1) global phenomenon
2) envy
3) You can do it and low self esteem
4) To create failure in someone life and increase the risk of suicide

1. Global phenomenon
2. envy
3. you can do it / low self-esteem
4. failure

Hi simon, i have a question
I had speaking sessions with an ielts examiner before and she said that she could give me some feedback but not the bandscore because she can only give bandscore in the actual tests. Is that true may i ask?


I wonder if anyone can explain number 4 in more detail. For example, what exactly is a 'meritocracy' and why does it have a negative side?


Hi siutao,

Current examiners do have to be careful about that kind of thing. If you want a realistic score, you might need to find an ex-examiner!

"Meritocracy" or " Meritocratic society" is if some people who have talents, energy and skills, get to their top positions in the society. This could create the negative side of meritocracy which is identified some people in bottom positions. Furthermore, they have experienced to failure, and we call them as a looser.

Thanks Tae.

Yes, a meritocracy is a society in which people achieve the success that they deserve, according to their talents and efforts.

The problem with this idea is that the people who are NOT successful might be seen as losers i.e. they deserve their lack of success because they didn't try hard enough.

The idea of a meritocracy might sound nice, but the negative side is that it encourages us to judge people according to their achievements, without considering other factors.

It is so difficult to understand.
I have to learn more.

Hi Simon.

Thank you for mentioning my name;)
When I read your explanation of a meritocracy, I thought I must improve the way of building sentences with good vocabularies. Also I have to pay more attention on singular and plural sentences and spelling.
There are a lot more things to achieve my goal.

I am looking forward to studying your blog lesson everyday.
And I am appreciate your effort into the lessons and make a million of IELTS candidates to achieve their goals. I will be the one of them in future.



No problem Tae. Keep up the good work!

Hi Simon,

I have a question, in the listening test, if the answer is note-taking and I wrote note taking, is that a mistake. Also, if I wrote 5 - 12 and the answer is 5 to 12 am I wrong? In the 5 to 12 answer it was written write one word and/or number . Lastly, does capitalisation count?

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