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Tuesday, July 04, 2017


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thank you, Mr Simon. I have a question relating to doing listening lessons, can you help me?
I find it difficult to accomplish task 3 and 4 in IELTS listening test because the information comes so quickly, it's not easy to read all questions and choices. So, is it a good idea to listen carefully the whole audio and try to remember its content, then answer questions?
my ambition is to finish all questions but I'm always making it up with 28-32 correct answers, never reach the result of 35 and above :(
thank you.

Dear Simon,
I hope you will devote one of your future posts to MUTLIPLY choice questions which are the most difficult question type for us.

Hi Simon, Can you please enlighten my confusion.
If the question is agree or disagree or to what extent do you agree or disagree?

Can i answer both types of questions same way. Likewise partially agree, totally agree or agree with some extent.
Or use above method only, when the question is about what extent do you agree or disagree and with other type stick to one side.


Hi Mr.Simon.my problem is mostly the reading questions and also tasks 3&4 in listening..iam not so good in answering very quickly..so what's your advice ? Thanks

Hi Mr Simon.. what are the greatest books that I can use to practice the ielts tests? Thanks

Hi Simon, thank you for the suggestions on listening. I am weaker in listening than the other three sections. I will appear exam after 1 week. I have practiced Cambridge listening test 1 to 11. Should I repeat those again or I should listen to CBC news/radio? Do you have any other suggestion for me? Thanks.

Hi Simon,I have difficulty with section number 3 in listening,a lot of information and long questions?!even though I practiced all Cambridge books from 1 to 11 still i am not good at it...what should I do?

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