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Saturday, July 01, 2017


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Dear Simon,
I doubt whether or not students should learn words by heart. It is not the best way to have a wide range of vocabulary, but it seems that there are no other ways else. Can you suggest some methods for us? Thank you very much!

totally agree with you.
I think writing is a very efficient way to learn new skills, not only in pursuing higher scores in IELTS, but in learning something else such as how to take a good picture or how to programme.
Thank you for your sharing out of your heart.

Thank you so much, Simon

Yeah,thanks. I keep going on it everyday.

Thank you, Let's keep going even with a less big thing.

Thank you, Simon :)
Keep fighting!!!

I couldn't agree more.

Thanks Simon for your efforts.

Or you can share your stories as you learned foreign languages. They also help.

You are a big help Mr Simon. Thank you for the motivation that inspires me to keep going and never give up.

Thanks Simon. I have lost my hope for getting IELTS 7. I have only five months. But your advice really make me feel better. Also, it give me an inspiration for KEEP GOING.

You are great. Thanks.

Keep walking and Your are Great God bless your and Lovely July

Simon you are a great teacher. Wish GMC suddenly realise that IELTS is not the right method to test a doctor's language skills. I personally believe it's a totally wast of time. 😌

hi Simon, some people say for task 2, if I want a band 7+,word count 260-280 is perfect. Is it true? I always write around 300-320, since at least two ideas have to be further extended and given examples sometimes.

Thank you, Sir ^-^

keep going

Simon you are such an encouraging teacher I have never seen.

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