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Monday, July 03, 2017


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Thank you simmon for sharing this. But i try to find the it in Wechat but failed, it showed that the name of wonderIELTS9 didn't exist. Is there anything wrong in the spell?


Click the relevant post shown on the screen, then you can find the post from wonderIELTS9.


just click anything appearing on your phone screen when you run a search of wonderIELTS9

Dear Simon:

I choose to trust Sjm, and hope I can achieve my goal with his class.

Dear Simon,
is it possible to join this blog form asian country ?

Thanks Hailey. Although our Wechat and Weibo is run by locals in China, we are a very small group of native speakers, so our English is always natural and error free.

Hi Zillur

Our blog (Weibo and Wechat) is mainly in Mandarin Chinese, so if you can't read Mandarin you won't be able to understand it.

Hi everyone,

May I explain things a wee bit clearly to you all.

Both Weibo and Wechat are mainly used by Chinese. They are quite similar to Twitter and WhatsApp in terms of how they work and function.

Having said that, if you are really interested, try searching wonderIELTS9 within the "Official Accounts" as this can help you locate the account more precisely.

Good luck!

Thanks James, yes we have a public account, not a private account.

Hi, sjm, I'm from China and I tried to search wonderIELTS9 through both weibo and wechat,but I failed. Maybe there is something wrong with the spelling or space. Could you please share your QR code? It's easier for Chinese people to find you.

hi ,I found your wechat in Chinese is "烤鸭战将".Is it right?

@ fan
You got it!

Hi Siliang,

Please ensure you copy and paste the entire address: http://Weibo.cn/wonderIELTS9 into your web browser, rather than searching wonderIELTS9 within Weibo where 烤鸭战将 should be used instead.

It might not be possible to post an image here but if you just follow what I have suggested a few lines above, you should be able to find their WeChat public account. Remember to search wonderIELTS9 within the "Official Accounts" (添加朋友->公众号).

Hope this helps?

Hi Sjm,

I visted the website below and found the QR code of WeChat.

Which one is correct, wonderIELTS9 or DoctorIELTS?

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