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June 14, 2017


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Hi Simon,

Is there a redundancy such as reasons why? Shall we cast the word why off?

Thank you so much about this advice.

hello Dear Simon
First of all, thanks ever so much for your great website that has helped me improve my English knowledge a great deal.it is really useful and I appreciate it. actually, I have a question that really bothers me. so I will be grateful if you let me know your useful opinion.
actually I am an Iranian candidates for IELTS test. last night, a real IELTS examiner was invited to a live programme via TELEGRAM APPLICATION to answering to some general questions about IELTS, actually, as an anonymous person. He/She said that he is a friend of yours and if Iranian candidates write an essay in the form and style of Simon's essay, their band will be up to 7.5!
Are you agree with him/her?

A Candidate,

It wasn't a friend of mine or anyone that I know.

Thanks a lot again for your great website and your support. :-)

Dear Simon,
What can I state if I don't know to write a real example like above? Thank you!

Hi Simon,

You have given here very good example for you advice on 11th June. That is, student should vocabulary mindset instead of grammar mindset. Thank you very much for your advises and supports.

Hi Simon,

Many Thanks for your website and the variety of excellent quality content related to IELTS. I have been an avid user of your blog since last year. I’d given IELTS on 03/June/2017 at Wrexham Wales centre and finally got my required Band Score, in my third attempt. I got R 9, L 8, S 7.5, W 7, and an overall band score 8. I am really happy and want to wish other students, best of luck! Once again, I am really grateful for the quality content that you are providing continuously on your blog.

Many think that giving homework to children to do is an important part of their learning. They believe it helps them to practise what that they have learnt in lessons, in order to perform better at things like spelling and handwriting. They say it helps to teach children how to work out on their own and be disciplined with themselves-both skills that are useful later in life. It can also allow parents or guardians to get involve in their children’s learning.

Hello sir Simon.

May I know if 'would' and 'could' is no longer applicable in the writing part. There is this actual British Council examiner who does Writing workshops that it is common to Filipinos that 'would' and 'could' are frequently used. So in order to have a strong stand, it's better to use "will" and "can". I only got a grade of 6.0 from our mock exam with her.

Please help. Thanks in advance, and stay safe there in the UK.

Dear Simon,

I do my best in order to give a great essay as much as I can. It is my honor to know your comments


I am going to illustrate both aspects of doing homework given to the children by the teachers whether it is useful and it is an effective method in the education system of students or not.
Some teachers give students diversity of homework as long as they think in a such way that doing homework equals progress, and it helps them to learn deeply and effectively. They believe that since the procedure of learning might occur unconsciously, students learn simultaneously when are concerned with doing their homework. Meanwhile, doing homework is counted flawless for achieving young students to the right direction of educated people in the society.
In this day and age, tutors no longer give students bunch of duty related to their lesson which they should do in the home. In fact, they have different attitude toward this that it says students should be either free and willingness to do their homework . When they pester about myriad of boring duties they should do without interest their assignment have not much effects on them; beside killing creativity and interest and enjoyment of studying are consequences of obligatory tasks to them. Hence, expert people in terms of education do not recommend compulsory assignment; also, they insist on teachers providing a situation that student make feel at home. With regard to this, teachers used to give assignment to students, and they are asked to follow their favorites means.
From my point of view, albeit importance of practice and repetition what we learn is a fabulous way to increase performance of children, I am not agree with that they must do homework.

hi simon..

i'm really confused with this question.. will i talk about sea levels alone or need to talk about Global warming? thanks for advice in advance guys..

Global warming is one of the biggest threats humans face in the 21st century and sea levels are continuing to rise at alarming rates.

What problems are associated with this and what are some possible solution

Hi Simon,

Can you explain the sentence:

Countries such as Finland, where school children are not given homework, regularly top international educational league tables and outperform nations where setting homework is the norm.

I don't quite understand what does this sentence mean.

Thank you so much.


Now I understand .. top is a verb... hahahahahahahaha

thank you !!!!!


Hi, Simon.

I don't get this sentence. actually I could not understand why 'and' place in front of outperform(verb)

Countries such as Finland, where school children are not given homework, regularly top international educational league tables and outperform nations where setting homework is the norm.

Thank you so much.

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