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Saturday, June 24, 2017


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Hi Simon,

I am not sure whether you remember me or not. I got the required Ielts score by using this web site in Jan. I got the uncoditional offer from University of Manchester and also Chevening Scholarship. I will go to Manchester together with my wife and daughter in September. I really appreciate you and this web-site. And I really want to meet you during my study at University of Manchester. Thanks again.

Hi Simon,

I took my exam yesterday and writing task 2 is "Scientists predict that in the near future cars Will be driven by computers, not by people.
What might be the main reasons?
Is it a positive or negative development?

I just want to ask I wrote two main ideas in each body paragraphs, but only explained or gave an example for the first idea;only one sentence (2-3 lines) about the second idea.

Do you think it's a bad structure? I'm very concerned now. Thank you.


Dear, Simon

I have a problem with the phase"setting homework is the norm". Could you explain what it means?


Congratulations Leo. Feel free to email me in September when you're here!


Don't worry Sunny - one example per main paragraph is fine.



It means: "it is normal for teachers to set (i.e. give) homework"

So true. Collocations are so much more interesting than isolated, "advanced" vocabulary. Unfortunately, most students don't know where and how to look for them in order to improve.

Hello simon i have ielts test tommorow so please can you help me out and give some tips regarding my test !

Hi Simon.
I didn't find link of essay(wednesday) that you meant above?

Here it is Aji:


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