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Friday, June 23, 2017


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1. Custumer service plays an important part for me, because I personally believe that It should help me with receiving helpul quality services and assitance for my requirement in every type orservices. For instance, if I need an electronic device in a store, I need the guidance from the saler to providesome useful information that helps me to choose the right device that meets my requirement as the saler has better knowledge than me. Without the customer service, I believe I will have difficulty getting the right device that met my requirements and budget.

2. Companies can improve their customer service by asking the customers to provide them with the feedback and suggestion for service that they provide. By receiving the feedback and sugguesion, the companies will generally have an idea how well the customer service performances are. For instance, when I called to Vodafone customer service and asked for some help with my billing, the operator was asking to give her some feedback with her services she provided. Moreover, an alternative way could be by providing a sugestion box.

3. I personally think the reasons behind why the employees in some come organisation don't provide a good customer service are due to firstly, they don't get the right pay award that they suppose to get and lastly could be because they have been working for long hours. For instance, in some call centre, they have to be on the phone for at least 10 hours a day with the minimum pay. Therefore, I personally believe if the companies pay them above minimum wage and shorter working hours, they will provide better service.

Dear Simon, or anyone please give me some feedback for my answers above. I need to get an 8 on each band on the academic test. Thank you.

I took my exam this exam, here are the questions...
questions about mirror, when did you buy, why it is important...
topic card, most kind person in your family?
3rd part, how society raise kindness, what features does a person should have as a kind person..
task1, a letter to a colleguage about an urgent favor,
task2, why do we earn money for spending in our young ages or saving for elder ages?

1. How important is customer service for you?
Well, I suppose that customer service is my primary concern when deciding to purchase a merchandise of any brand. Because a professional customer service can promote the company's awareness and also appeal to me. For example, when I voice complaints about the problem arising with their product, and this issue is handled properly, I can feel more satisfied and comfortable, even become their loyal customer. In case, without an appropriate response, I will never squander on any goods in that company.

1. (Answer) Personally, customer service is very important to me. (why)A good customer service makes me happy and a loyal customer.(Example) For example, I am a constant customer of a Thai food restaurant not only because the food there is delicious, but also because the excellent customer service I have received there. (Opposite) Without the good customer service, I wound not feel respected and would never be a big fan of that restaurant.

1, I believe that customer service plays significant role to get an assistance and advice about products or other service. The customer care individually navigate right products or services in right budgets. For example, When I purchased a bed, I would not have found a perfect comfortable bed without customer service. The friendly staffs gave me informations which is the best one for me from various brands and budgets. Can you imagine , If the staff didn't assist me well, I would have tried to lay on all the beds in the fuerniture shops.

2, I think the best way to improve customer service in companies is taking survey annually from their customers. The survey result indicates their satisfaction of the services, Also the company should have an education programs about the customer cares to all employers. The hospital where I work, take survey every three months to improve our care to patients. We can hear their voice through the survey and we are able to improve our services. If the companies do not receive any feedback from customers, they might not notice customer's needs and they might loose their customers.

3, I think employers, who do not provide good customer service, did not receive enough education about the customer care. especially young adult would not have an idea what is the customer services is.
When I went to nursing school, We had to do work placement in five star hotel and learnt all about customer services. It was amazing experience in adult society for me. I believe that we should set up some education scheme for young adult. So we could receive quality customer services in all different situations in Australia.

1. How important is customer service for you?

(Answer the question directly) Personally I think customer service has a significant influence on people, (Explain why) and I think it is exactly why successful businesses last for decades. (Give an example) Take a look at Starbucks, for example, it is popular among coffee drinkers. And as far as I'm concerned, I love Starbucks employees for their kind attitudes to me. Whenever I step into Starbucks, the clerks are always welcoming. Sometimes I even get a cute smiling drawing on the coffee cup. (Explain the alternative/opposite) If there's zero good customer service in the cafe, I will walk away immediately.

2. What can companies do to improve their customer service?

To improve customer service, maybe companies should establish some rules over the issue. Employees can thus follow the rules and provide good service for clients. For instance, the restaurant near my place called KOI PLUS not only has good vibes but also makes service their priority. I enjoy going there to relax myself. To be honest, I bloody love it! I think it wouldn't be that popular if their service socked.

3. Why do you think employees sometimes don't provide good customer service?

Well, I guess the most important reason why employees sometimes don't provide good service is due to the way they are treated by their boss. If the owner of a business do not care about his or her employees, not to mention to respect them, how can the owner even asks them to treat clients well? If people talk with you with a smile, you'll pay them back with a grin. So, I think the best way to have polite, attentive employees is to treat them well while teaching them how to be a good one.

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