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June 09, 2017


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Hi Simon,not concerned with your lesson today but I hope you will help me to answer this question.
Can I use idioms in WRITING Task 2?
Cause my teacher suggests me this sentence "... pave the way for serious enviromental effect hazards in terms of global warming or climate change"
Thanks in advance.

Dear Simon,

Could you please post a lesson for sentence structures, pasterns and linking which can be used for IELTS Writing Task 2.

As far as I remember, it dates back to about last year at which a group of my intimate friends and I went to a traditional restaurant located on the outskirts of the town. We wanted to end up our gathering with a memorable dinner. As we entered waiters were so inviting and approachable that we felt a great atmosphere. They were trying to make us feel at home. Actually, the service was so excellent that we could hardly find something to ask. Especially when it came to the manager, he was really polite with a smile on his face to receive our piece of advice. All in all, we had an unforgettable evening that I can still reminisce about that.

this question was my part 2 question ( exam on 3 June)

Last Monday i was at the restaurant names "Shajahan Resturant". It was continental restaurant and I had a dinner with my family. The atmosphere was very exceptional there it feels like i am at my home. We had a family get-together. And mainly there service was also fabulous, there were taking order on time and serve the food on time. It was really impressive and classic dinner we had that in Shajahan restaurant.

Last week I had my dinner with my close friends in an Egyptian restaurant near to our accommodation. we went there to celebrate the birthday of one of our friends. The food was delicious and the service was excellent. The staff was very polite that we felt at home, nothing was too much to ask. even after we had our dinner the staff surprised us with a birthday cake I myself had a grilled chicken, salad, rice and cooked Egyptian vegetable.it was a fantastic meal I went home full and it was an unforgettable experience.

Last week i had my dinner with some of my colleagues who live near to me. we went to one of the most popular restaurant in Auckland that is 'Sages Indian Restaurant'. one of the biggest thing that we never forget was the warm welcome by their staff and their interior design. their food was very delicious and the naan which we also called chapati also very crispy and hot. the service by staff really quick and they all behave very politely. we fell just like we sat at home never fell like that it was a restaurant. After celebrating that unforgettable evening we returned back to our flat's by clicking some of the photographs their.

hi simon
I was a silent member in your blog .A huge thanks sir.i received my result and i got L:7.5,R:7,S:7,W:7 and overall 7.although i need 7.5 overall so i was unable to achieve my desire score and i need to appear in exams again but still i really appreciate your efforts and this much score was possible only under your guidance

Many Thanks

My favorite café is a very welcoming place that just around the corner. It’s been run for 8 years, the reason why people love it so much is because the great atmosphere there, full of the aromatic coffee and soft jazz music to give us a very warm and approachable image. This café is called insomnia which means you can stay there over night. Every time when I want to do my extra work, I’ll go to insomnia. The service there was excellent, you can kill your time without being disturbed and this means very polite and thoughtful to me. There’s nothing was too much to ask. Besides being there on my own, my friends and I gather in Insomnia together too. It also offers great desert and coffee and we all can make ourselves feel at home and have an unforgettable evening.

I'm going to say the popular milky way cafe located at down street on the corner . this restaurant is new open place for curious people who wish to experienced what is astronauts drink in the space. This weekend evening my colleagues and I going to have space drink with zero gravity coffee cup because of we accepted the welcoming inviting card from this shop.
With great atmosphere we have unforgettable evening when we order the drinks that is just open the app and to touching the menu. However,it is very thoughtful idea, seems nothing was too much to ask, you will deliver the drinks only 3 mins from the Robot waiter, meanwhile, the app line and confirmed you which means the robot service on the way now.

I am going to describe a Malaysian reustaurant that I went during my summer break with my siblings in Malaysia.

This restaurant is just down the road near where we were staying. It's a small restaurant with elegant interior design. The admosphere was great. It made you feel like home.

There reason we were there was because one of my friends' suggestion. She said that we would not regret it because the service provided in this restaurant is excellent, the foods are amazing and the price is reasonable. Therefore, I thought I might need to go and check it myself.

Honestly, I thought my friend was being sarcastic there. However, what she told me was right. As soon as We walked in, we were approched by friendly staff. She was very helpful and attentive. She guided me through the selection of meals that I can had as I am a vegetarian. The meals served was tasty, nothing was too much to ask. It was definitely an unforgettable evening meal.

Dear Simon, can you please check my answer when you have a spare time. I need to improve my IELTS within this 3 months. Thank you beforehand.

I would like to talk about a restaurant that I liked and will recommend to my friends.

I had a chance to catch up with one of my friends from high school a few years ago. My friend had a few-month-old baby with her at that time, so she was a little bit nervous about the meeting.

She had found the restaurant that was located near by her home and booked seats on the internet. We found this place was excellent because it was a family friendly restaurant. When my friend booked the seats for us, there was a question regarding children and she informed about her daughter.

As we had booked the seats in advance, they had prepared the seats with plenty of space for the baby when we arrived. We immediately felt we were welcomed. During our stay, the baby played with her toys as well as had a nap. We stayed there over one hour albeit we planned to have a quick talk over a cup of coffee.

Hi Simon,
Is there any where in your website that I could find "vocabulary theme" for any IELTS speaking Topics(like what you gave in your video lessons)?

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