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Friday, June 02, 2017


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Here it is Sir Simon. I think this is what nearly matches the topic asked above.

Now I am going to tell you about when I received fabulous service in a restaruant. This action happened one years ago I was studiying at school. That time I won my school's scholorship and I decided to celebrate this occasion with my friends. We went to national food restaurant which is located near my home. This restaurant's dishes are very delicious and tasty. So I try to celebrate very essential entertainments there. I like very much this restaurant because they prepere food very fast and waiters' manner are very good.
I am sorry if I made a mistake.

If I have to pick a time when I received good service in a restaurant , then it would be a nice time I had in an Arab restaurant . It was in the year 2012 when I was working in Saudi Arabia.
As I said u before it was a Arab restaurant named as Kudu Restaurant which is located inside the King Khalid International Airport.
I went there on my way back to India. I had to wait for 4 hours for my flight so I went there with one of my friends to have some food.
The reason why I think the service was good is the behaviour of the waiters in the restaurant. Even though it was a Arab restaurant most of the employees were Philippines and Indians, they all were very well- mannered and respect the customers. Apart from this they serve very delicious food at reasonable rate.

Describe a time when you received good service in a restaurant or cafe.
You should say

- when this was
- what kind of restaurant or cafe you were in
- why you were there
- and why you thought the service was good

The restaurant that I am going to introduce is near my office.It is a small restaurant owned by a young couple selling local and traditional food such as Taiwanese meatballs and braised pork over rice.I visit this restaurant about twice a week.The last time I went there is last Friday night.I worked overtime and missed a normal dinner time that almost every restaurant was closed. Fortunately,this restaurant was still opened.The female owner was as welcoming as she used to be.She listened to me about my work and encouraged me,which makes me feel warm.She is always attentive and thoughtful as if she is my mom.After finished my dinner,I found that I forget to bring money.She was totally ok with it and even gave me a bag of fruits back home.I think why I love this restaurant is not only because their palatable foods but the way the owner treats me.

I would like to describe An amazing cafe' that i had visited last weekend to meet my friend. it is a turkish cafe', from the management to the food everything reflects the turkey history and tradition. it serves all types of turkeish coffee, hot drinks and very delicious snakes like cakes and pies. its location is fabulous too, its located in the waterfall area near lake which has a wonderful view you can enjoy while drinking your coffee. what i really like most is their good services and reasonable prices, the area is clean, the food is delicious and the waiters are very kind. for every table was an assigned person who welcome and serve us and take care of us throughout our sitting. what was attracted me the most is the friendly and family atmosphere i enjoyed there because of their premium services they offer i felt very comfortable as if was at home. for example, once my friend and i choose a table and settled they bring a water and soap for us to wash our hand before we enjoy our meal.

I really enjoyed the services in this cafe and i have recommended for my family and friends.

Me and my friend decided to try a new restaurant around our neighborhood, it is a french restaurant, which only serves one main course. It serves steak as main courses and three types of dessert. We reserved our table ahead of time because the place is famous and it is very difficult to walk in without reservation.The restaurant was very cozy and quiet, we we're greeted with a smile by the staff. The service was fast and the food was delicious.The steak is amazing, cooked to perfection and melts in your mouth. We enjoyed our meal and the price is affordable. I would love to visit that restaurant again because of its delicious food and cozy ambiance.

I visited a lot of restaurants in Vietnam last time. But one of them is very impressed and I can not forget until now. It is the special noodle, I like it because it's very colorful, spicy and especially It has good service. When I order noodle, I take 20 mins to wait for the food. So long right? At that time, they give to me a little cake and a fantastic song. I am very surprised and comfortable for that. I will introduce to my friends, my family and that will be the best restaurant I choose on next time.
My English skills are not good so I hope I will be received your advice to improve day by day. Thanks so much!

Hello guys!
I have taken IELTS Academic on 20 May and my results are (L-7.5, R-7, S-6.5, W-6, Overall Band=7). But my speaking should be at least 7. If anyone want to practice speaking please text me. My e-mail: fira.rahmonov@gmail.com

I am happy to describe one of my favourite restaurant. It is a Turkish restaurant which is I often go. I visited to have dinner with my husband last week on Wednesday. So one of waiter welcomed us with nice smile and brought to beautiful table. It was an incredible service because tables were very clean and nice decorated and also staff are polite. We didn't wait our order too long. They served turkish foods on amazing turkish plates and dishes. Apart from this we listened nice turkish classic music during having our meal. At the end of dinner they offered to us free lovely turkish tea. So we really enjoyed.

I just wanna thank for ur help with ur useful website. I took the test recently and got the results overall 6.5 (L:6, R:7, S:7, W:6). My score meets the requirement of university and I'm so excited to start the new course in UK this year.
I'll try to improve my EL.
Thank you very much

Congratulations dieu hai!

Hello Simon I confused with writing statement (in many places, prisons are overcrowded and expensive for government to maintain yet when offenders are released they end up back in prison a short while later Does prison work? Should lawbreakers be rehabilitated or punished

How is it possible third paragraph related to Introduction

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