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Monday, June 12, 2017


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Hello, Simon. Thaanks for your valuable advice. Now I am reading your posts with my students and they are really fascinated by your way of dealing with IELTS reading questions. I hope that they also find your website helpful.

Keep up the good work:)

Hello simon,
I am so happy to see all of your posts, and I like the way of teaching.
Are you providing coaching of PTE Academic.?

Dear Simon, just want to thank you for another valuable advice.

Thank you so much for your advice. I am a beginner in learning IELTS, so it is useful for me.

i have improved my reading by one band , following Simon this advice.

I'm glad you like my advice!



I'm afraid I don't teach PTE. Sorry.

The tactics of skimming and scanning don't work all the time! I have gotten back to slow, thorough reading and understanding the paragraphs in detail. It is working fine for my general training papers. Though i find it hard to finish the academic papers within an hour. Thanks Simon, your valuable advise has been put to practice and i hope to hit the nail right on it's head in the exam that i'm giving on June 24th! Thanks a ton!

Hi, Simon. Can you give us some exercises for matching sentence endings? Thanks a lot!

Hii simon. Today i have given ielts exam. But after exam i realized that in reading test i wrote yes instead of true. So can I get the marks for that or not. Please reply soon

hey i just confused with the reading test!but after i saw your advice i think i have a better understand with it . the next days i will read it carefully not quickly.to make sure the rightness not the speed. thankkkkks you simon

Thank you so much for your sharing. I will practice as your advice.

It's very kind of you to share your advice,Simon.I will have a try.

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