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Saturday, June 03, 2017


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In Ielts exam I think it is the best to write essay in simple language with a mix of simple compound and complex sentences.

IELTS is like an audition: it is better to choose a song that you can do well and get it right, than a song that is right at the limit of your ability and mess it up.
Using fancy words and phrases and over-complex structures and then making some basic grammar mistakes - well, that creates the wrong impression.

That said, "although" is a very useful word if you know how to use it properly.

Anything translated from you own language is probably wrong.

not related but, will you consider to upgrade the website to make it more mobile friendly? So many good stuff here that I think deserves a better home.

it is best to practice first on simple sentences and grammar and then study the complex sentences structure.

Hello guys!
I have taken IELTS Academic on 20 May and my results are (L-7.5, R-7, S-6.5, W-6, Overall Band=7). But my speaking should be at least 7. If anyone want to practice speaking please text me. My e-mail: fira.rahmonov@gmail.com

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