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Sunday, June 18, 2017


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Thank you very much for your useful advice. Taking IELTS not only helps me have a certificate and a good knowledge. I love English and I want to discover it.

Hello Mr. Simon

Could you write test 1 wt1 in Cambridge 11 on page 30, please?

Thank you.

Why would anyone go to a general English teacher or learn general English when all they need is to pass IELTS English?

Hello Simon I have not done IELTS but I ma familiar with it since 2013. My students are doing good in reading listening and speaking but they are not getting more than 6 in writing. So sometimes I feel that I am not a good trainer and feel demotivated plz suggest something

Hi dear Simon,
I would be much grateful if you could clairfy one problem with reading (T,F,NG) question.

The text reads:

He likes to walk with his friends.

The question reads:
1) He likes to walk in his free time

Is the correct answer NG? Or is it False?

Please, help me!

The ans to the question is NG. 'cos the addintional information abt the circumstances in which he walks with his friends were not revealed to us. Although, he likes to walk. It could have been false if the question says something like-he hates to walk(contrary).

Hi Simon I am Najam Singh I want to get 8 in IELTS please help me

answer for your question is 'not given'.
if they wrote 'he likes to play with his parents instead of in free times' then it would be probably false.

I think the main problem is how to find a qualified teacher. in Australia, individual tutorials cost a lot, but it is extremely hard to get most out of them

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