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Sunday, June 11, 2017


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a) "A dramatic increase in both commodity prices was seen from 2007 to 2008, with oil prices reaching a peak of approximately $130 per barrel."

b) "A dramatic increase in oil prices was seen from 2007 to 2008, reaching a peak of approximately $130 per barrel."

c) "There was a dramatic increase in oil prices from 2007 to 2008, reaching a peak of approximately $130 per barrel."


Hi Simon,

Some phrase I've collected like "a killer app", and I often use it instead of "a popular technology". It is fine to use many informal phrases like this in Speaking part 2?

Mr Simon,

Could you please answer my question?

I am confused by the speaking and writing part.

Some tutors tell us to put academic words into our speaking test otherwise we won't get high score. But some foreigners advise me to talk naturally as if it is daily conversation. Which one is right?

About the Writing part, is it important that we use academic words? For example, is "impart knowledge" more formal than "transfer knowledge", so we should put "impart knowledge" into our essay?

I would be absolutely appreciative if you could reply and maybe tell us more about the academic vocabulary's use in IELTS.

Have a nice day!

Thanks Simon. It is indeed true that we shold have vocabulary mindset. For those who plan to develop this skill I share this recent interesting ted talk.



In recent IELTS EXAM this is the question ask plz look in the question and answer if possible

Many people believe that they should spend their money to enjoy life at present. Others, however, think that they should save it for the future. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

My introduction

It is true that we have to enjoy our present life and that's the reason we have to spend out earning after our present enjoyment. However, I agree that our future is uncertain and after retirement age we have no any source of income so we have to spare some money for our insecure life

Paragraph 1 - why we have to spend money after our present life
Paragraph 2 - why we have save money for future uncertainty

Plz help me out

Simon Sir
I grasp your idea.I always follow your advice. You are the few teacher who guided us in the right track. Hope your healthy life.

Any one help me to improve my essey


Hi Simon,

Could you please recommend some sources for reading and listening?


Hi Simon,

I'm going to learn IELTS by my self from next month. And I would like to study from your web because I see you have many many lessons that I can join and improve my skill.
However, the problem is I don't know how can I start with your lessons ?
Can you help to advise what can I learn fisrt ?
Many thanks for your supporting!


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