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Friday, April 21, 2017


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Thank you very much, Teacher Simon!

Thank you alot Teacher Simon,

I saw your answer for the fourth question,you used the sentences "if you go", as we are facing the question is it ok if use "if I go"

Thank you

As usual,it is too helpful.
Thank you so much.

Dear Simon Sir,
I got my ielts results today and I am pleased to inform you that I got the results I was expecting.

Thank you so much for your website. I recommend your ebook and website to all my friends. I am greateful to you all my life for all your time and your free website.
God bless you.

Sorry to post here Simon.

Hi everyone. I am looking for a speaking partner who has already achieved 7.0 in IELTS speaking part. My lowest score in the speaking was 6.0 and the higest score was 7.5. I need to keep this part for at leat 7.0 and my next IELTs exam will take place in the middle of May. Please email me if you are interested.

Many Thank.

Hi, congratulations
would you mind if i ask you to practice speaking with me?

Hi Sama,
I am very busy I am afraid I can't practice speaking with you but I can advise one thing go through all the simon sir website from the beginning to the end. I did not practice with anyone. I just read all his examples in the website even I did not practice one writing also I just read his examples and analysed them.
Good luck

Hi m going to appeare in speaking test tomorrow.Would any one like to have mock test with me?

Hello. I will pass my Ielts exam in 25th of May. I need practice with speaking part

Hi Dinara,
I am just wondering would you like to practice with me? My next Ielts exam will take place on the 13th of May.

Please email me if you are interested.

Here is my E-mail:mc.cheng0208@gmail.com

Thanks in advance.

Yes. I love holiday because I can relax, go far away and spend time with my family and friends.
I prefer to travel. I will go to new places, have more experiment and also learn new something.
In my country, people usually garthered together to have a party.
I like taking my holiday in autumn season because at that time, the weather not too hot, cold and wet. The places not too crowed with tourist to me enjoy.

Dear Simon,
Ref. Speaking q. answers.
Is it a change of scenery or change of scene?

Dear sir,
I heard it somewhere that we cannot use the word 'you' while speaking or even in task 2 writing , as it refers to the examiner and gets negative impact. Can you please guide me.
Thank you sir.

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