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Friday, April 07, 2017


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Hi Teacher Simon
I will have speaking test this afternoon.Do you have comment what I should do now?Are there any tips to overcome my nervous?

Hi Chris,
I know a method to overcome anxiety before an exam and I think it is quite effective because when I used it in my speaking simulation test, it worked so perfectly and I could do make it as best as I wanted to.
Now close your eyes and imagine that you are going through the speaking test, from the moment you come to the room, a handsome examiner greets you, asks your name, your ID, then come the first 12 questions of part 1( imagine that you are speaking exactly the same as what Teacher Simon has taught us ( short+simple+fluently), then the examiner will say bla bla bla and you wil cover 4 points of Part 2 and then part 3. the more specific you imagine, the more you feel confident and the more things will work perfectly right. Never think that you won't be able to answer something, and even if you don't know the answer, go through what Teacher Simon has taught us in this case, so don't worry, just imagine that you are going so smoothly and perfectly over each question. Repeat these thoughts several times, and you will do the exam perfectly, because we do exactly what our brain thinks.

Thank you very much, Teacher Simon! Every time you post your essay or your speaking sample, I will be like... do a huge research into it for 2-3 hours or so^^

And also Chris, I wish you best luck for your exam!!!

Thank you so much Teacher Simon & Nam Anh.

It's amazing that my speaking test theme is about a cafe. Thank you for your model article provided in blog.

Dear Simon,
I do think if writing is bad speaking must be bad.
Another problem is that a majority of us is suffering from acute grammatical inefficiency.

Hello Everyone
my name is Resul and im from Turkey , i did my degree in Malaysia and i stayed in oversea for 9 years, my question is about grammar for ielts exam , Do you have any recommendation for me to improve my grammar section because i am afraid that i wont be able to do well during writing section ( by the way i know i can write ) any useful tools or tips please for grammar ?

same question as above

Here's some unusual grammar advice:


Hello everybody!

I've passed IELTS on February 25 and my score on speaking was 7.0. It would be great if someone could help me improve my speaking IELTS. You can email me: fira.rahmonov@gmail.com

Regards, Firdavs.

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