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Monday, April 10, 2017


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1. a metropolitan area
2. node
3. there are 37 megacities
4. people
5. 30% deaths
6. climate and water
7. lies


1. population size
2. denote
3. there are 37 cities
4. people
5. smoking-related diseases
6. planet
7. own star

Thank you very much, Teacher Simon! However, I think that the most recent passage is a little bit easy, I prefer the previous ones, so I look forward to something more challenging next lesson. Anyway, I really love all the passages you posted and exercises you created because I can always learn and revise many things from your exercises: be held aloft, earth= land, universal results, in the right frame of mind= in the right mindset, in excess of and so on.

Hello everybody!

I've passed IELTS on February 25 and my score on speaking was 7.0. It would be great if someone could help me improve my speaking IELTS. You can email me: fira.rahmonov@gmail.com

Regards, Firdavs.

Hello Simon and everyone! I really need help with reading. I`ve tried all methods, but couldnt find the best one. I don`t know whether to read passage first or to start with questions. And how much time should i read the passage if it is so? Thank u.

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