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Sunday, April 16, 2017


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I'm in favour of that guy. In my view, he is somehow creative and innovative. So, he should take the challenge, although it could cause him some troubles if it goes wrong.

I absolutely trust you.

In my opinion, I would prefer studying with Simon's advice, rather than starting from the bottom. He is creative, anyways.

Hi simon,
Two weeks ago i had my exam and i was soo happy about writing task2 because it was mentioned by you ( why prisoners reoffend aggin after being released from the prison , cause and solution type.)
I did write exactly the same as you write band 9. When ii got my results i was hugely surprised that i got 5.5 !!!! Whyyy!!

I would like to give my testimony.

Literally, I've only got 3.5 weeks to prepare for my exam. I was most worried about the writing part as I was not familiar with its criteria. I watched an introduction video from IELTS preparation site, but nothing practical. I read a few articles shared by some experienced testees, but all ended up finding the materials way too complicated and time-consuming.

Just two day before my test, I found Simon. After reading his sample writings I felt so much relieved. Simon's method is concise yet powerful. Most importantly, it's easy to apply. I followed his principle and found myself being able to write with confidence.

I wish I knew Simon earlier, as my Speaking test was taken a few days earlier than other three parts when I didn't know about Simon's teaching yet.

If you want to take IELTS in the most efficient way, I would strongly and only recommend Simon.

Typo: 2 days


I completely trust Simon's blog (reading, writing, listening and speaking section) because his hard work is reflected in every task. Therefore, I follow each instructions given by him.
Hope i get good score :)

Hi Lana,

Have you paid enough attention to the invigilator's warning that you will be penalized for memorised answer? This is probably the reason I guess.

I am a big fan of him, not because I am blind but i have never come across such a excellent dedicated teacher who guides millions of overseas students, who are struggling to achieve desired scores, especially for those who require 7 and higher bands.

Dear Simon,
Thank you so much for spending your valuable time to teach me and other overseas students, I appreciate your guidance and always look forward to your lessons. I've become more confident in reading, listening, writing and speaking in english, as my second language, by your guide .
Kind regards,

I think too many advice would screw students up and they will waste time deciding which is good or bad.
I personally find Simon's lessons simple and useful. They include practical and natural ways to improve my English, and help me filter off the IELTS myths.

Thanks guys!



I'm sorry to hear that you got a lower score than you hoped for, especially as you were so happy after the exam!

Perhaps the question was slightly different to the one I used - they don't usually repeat questions in exactly the same way, so maybe your 'task response' wasn't as good as you hoped.

Also, are you sure you remember my essay perfectly, word for word? It's not easy to do that!

And finally, don't forget about the importance of writing task 1. That often brings people's scores down.

On the other hand, if you are really confident that you deserve a better score, you could ask for a re-mark.

Dear Simon,
I will be taking the IELTS exam on April 20, the speaking part is scheduled for April 18. What kind of topics should I expect? I have less than 3 days left to prepare. I need to get 6.5 minimun. Looking forward to your help.


Hi Lana,

I am sure if you follow axacly all advice Teacher Simon has been teaching us here, you will get higher score. For example you MUST use capital for the NAME (how can you write Hi simon????).

Hi Simon,

For me, you are a father more than just a guide. You show us the right path through your precious advice. If we get something wrong with our work, you give us a change to correct our mistakes. Honestly, I never find these advice from a normal teacher in my country.

I trust you completely mainly because My friend of mine who recommended your blog to me passed her exam with flying colours and got a scholarship to UCL.

Hi Simon, I did write it exactly as you mentioned , I think they realised that I memorise it from your blogs, so this is why !! I usually get 6.5 in my exam, I trust you and appreciate your help . Hopefully next time i can manage it properly .


No examiner has any idea that you memorised an essay and you certainly were not penalised for that. The penalty for 'memorisation' is that you are awarded zero, so this didn't happen to you. The only time memorisation may be relevant is when the essay is completely off topic.

Simon is correct. The issue was probably in Task 1, and you probably received a 4 for Task Achievement for missing a key feature, or a 5 for a poor overview, or for listing details instead of focusing on key trends.

Also I am very doubtful that you made no errors in the essay.

Hi, Lana

The most important thing to pass IELTS is know how to APPLY to your knowledge accurately.IELTS always tries to test our abilities of application in different circumstances, instead of coping; memorizing. if you for sure will not pass the exam, if you copy word by word.

hope it helps

Thanks Rio!

I highly appreciate your hard work and what you've done on this website. Thanks for your help.

Thank you Simon. I am stuying hardly to get a 7 at my first attempt! I appreciate your help and time very much!

Yes Simon!!! I trust you!!!

Dear Simon,

I am very thankful to you for your valuable teaching classes online.l have a request that sir please make writing introduction and main paragraghs video lessons for free.

Dear Simon,

Thank you very much. I am very happy to follow your usefull advises and read your site everyday. I have a small question and looking forward to your advise.

Regarding the IELTS Academic Reading module, we go directly to read the questions first, then read the passage to find where the information is. How many questions should we read first? One by one, and then read the passage, or read all the questions, then back to the passage? Which way is better?


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