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Friday, March 10, 2017


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Thank you so much, Teacher Simon!
THey are very useful instructions!
What should I do if I get too nervous? What should I do before the exam to stay focused and calmer?

extremely helpful, thanks

Hi Simon,
I understand that in Ielts speaking, you need to use natural, daily life English. Not too slang-y but also there's no need for overly academic words either. But can I use words like "teli" (tv) and "comfy" (comfortable)?
A die-hard fan of you

Will we lose marks if we ask examiner to repeat his/her question or to rephase?

and how many times I could ask the examiner rephrase a question?

Hi Simon,

I wonder if my asking would affect the results? I remembered last time I asked about 3 times and finally got 5.5. And this time I still asked 3 times because...actually I was self-taught, I couldn't hear clearly about what the examiner said or maybe he had a bit acent.

Jack: According to Mat Clark's book, he said that candidates shouldn't ask examiner more than twice because this will affect your score on influency.

hello please add me for speaking an writing for practice


Dear Simon!

My student is wondering what she could do if she doesn't understand the words on the cue card. She can get so nervous that she might forget the words she actually knows (i.e. advertisement). Will she be penalised if she asks for another card?


Unfortunately yes. You can't ask for another part 2 task.

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