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Saturday, March 18, 2017


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Dear Simon
I recently wrote ielts exam, and want to ask.
In writing task 2, I wrote 'authority of country' instead of 'fame of country'. I mean famous sportsmans can make improve authority of country.
Did I write correctly?

I think "Slow practice" can be applied to practicing all 4 skills. It is very effecttive to increase my proficiency in English
By the way, in writing task 2, when I sit the real exam, I do not think that I can both check errors and better my essay ( add more good phrases or vocabulary ) within the last 5 minutes or less.
Do you think that I should try double checking?
At my first check, I only focus on checking my grammar and vocabulary (am I using this word correctly, is it suitable for the context)
At my second check ( if I have more time left), I will focus on adding more good vocabulary and phrases to perfect my essay.
( During 10 minutes for each main paragraph, I will try to use as many good vocabulary and collocations as possible, but because I must make sure that I only limit the time to 10 minutes, so I cannot write down all good phrases I have in my mind)

I remember that today you are teaching your course ( i don't know if I use this phrase correctly ^^) in Manchester, I hope that you are having such a good day of teaching and learning with your students during the course)

Hi Sir! I have a question.

During my speaking exam, obviously i was speaking fast. In part 2 i didn't speak full 2 minutes and also in part 3 i failed to answer one question by saying 'i have no idea at all'.

Can i get 6.5 ?

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