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Friday, January 13, 2017


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Dear Simon and everyone

Hello everyone, I want to share my experience of remarking.
I asked for the writing and speaking paper to be reassessed two months ago and these were raised like:

writing 7.0 <-- 5.5
speaking 6.5 <-- 6.0
(L6.5 R7.5 W7.0 S6.5 OA7.0)

It's totally unbelievable, highly beyond my expectation!!
Thanks for it, I met the minimum requirements for the first choice grad school admission.
If you need an extra half or one band, remarking might be worth an option (it takes 8 to 10 weeks though).

Simon, thank you very much for your lessons and tips on blog and videos.
I really appreciate your website because the scores on my first attempt, one year ago, were only L5.0 R7.0 W5.5 S5.0 OA5.5.

All the best with you guys!
I hope that all of you can archive your target scores.
Good luck.


Congratulations Hitomi! I'm glad my lessons helped you to get the scores you need.

Hi simon
This would be awkward if i have a question about listenning strategy in your speaking lesson. I just wanted think that u could read and answer my query uestion easily. Here is my question:
When i practiced listenning tests, i often struggled with writing the answer while i also need focus on the recording. My head couldn't work on two things separately and i often missed the answer after the answer i got. What should i do to come up with it and improve my focus to listen more carefully?
Thank you so much and looking forward to your reply.

Hi ...i need to know a little more about the new varieties of questions in real exam


This is normal, and the only solution is lots of practice. You'll get better with time.



Many of my lessons contain recent exam questions (often with my advice or sample answers). Keep reading through the blog lessons and you'll find all the practice you need.


Sir i can't seem to find appropriate explanations and examples for some topics in IELTS writing part#2. Can you suggest a way forward.

Thanks Simon for guiding me how to answer Part 3 Speaking. I will learn by my heart exactly your lesson.

Need an ielts speaking partner ASAP. I got 7.5 in speaking 2 years ago, feel free to add my skype anhiqkao1

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