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Friday, January 20, 2017


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Hello simon

1.I like to eat chocolate ,Because chocolate is very sweet and tasty.

2.I like white and milk Chocolate,cause dark chocolate is taste bitter for me,I like sweet one.

3.I don't eat chocolate often,cause I care about my health and weight,Eating too much will make me get fat and pimple on my face.

4.Yes,In my country,Girls will buy or make chocolate to boys who they are admired,The day is on 14th march after west valentine day,They called "white valentine day".

1. I absolutely love chocolate! and i guess the reason why i love it so much is because not only is it extremely healthy but it's also very delicious.

2. Well I'd have to go with dark chocolate, especially the type that contains over 70% cocoa since that's the healthiest one, and also because it doesn't have much added sugar or dairy which i tend to avoid.

3. I usually eat it on special occasions only, like Christmas or birthdays because it's rather expensive to buy high quality chocolate in Vietnam.

4. Yes definitely, people usually buy or even make chocolate themselves to give to their significant others or just people that they admire on Valentines day where I live, it usually takes place in february every year.

1-well, i would say that I adore all kind of chocolates and the reason behind this interest is that when i was young, my father was always giving me chocolate as a prize for the good behavior .

2-To be quiet honest, i am a big fan of all kinds of chocolates.but to be more specific, I would prefer the dark one,because it is healthier than the other kind of chocolates .in addition to this,I also love nutella,because it creamy and can be easily spread over price of bread.

3-Actually,there is no special time to eat it but I usually eat it in birthday parties and family celebrations.

4-yes they do that quite often especially in the birthday parties ,because many people in my country believe it is a good idea to give something most people love as a present.


1) Do you like chocolate? Why / why not?
Yes, I am addicted to chocolate because it could put me in a better mood.

2) What type of chocolate do you prefer? Why?
I'd love all types of chocolate, but my favourite one is dark because the taste is bitter. White chocolate is too sweet for my liking.

3) When do you usually eat chocolate?
I often consume it after getting home from work. As I said, it helps me to relieve stress and put me in a positive frame of mind.

4) Do people give chocolate as a present in your country? When?
Yes, people in my country give chocolate as a gift on Valentine's Day. This tradition shows how much they love the recipient.

I absolutely love chocolate because of the tantalizing sensation i get each and every time i have a taste of it.
I currently have no major preferences because I'm still new to this kind of luxury;however i am certain that i detest dark chocolate :it does not exite my palate.
Normally i only have chocolate given to me on special occasions like valentines day and my wedding anniversary.
The chocolate traditional is slowly gaining popularity in Kenya on notably valentines day.However a sizeable number of people still do not appreciate chocolates.

1) Of course, I do. I'm into it just like most people.You know, it is hardly forgotten when you have got access to it. Mostly because they are yummy.
2)Dark chocolate is a good one. Although you are eating one of them, your teeth is less vulnerable especially with no sugar ones.
3)It doesn't matter how often I eat a chocolate but what matters is whenever I get access to it, I definitely try it.
4) To the best of my knowledge giving a box of chocolate as a gift is not a run of the mill event among Iranian. However, it could be sometimes seen that youths give a chocolate to their friends specifically on Sepandaar Mazgaan day,February 23, an ancient Iranian day marks love, which is equal with Valentine day.

1) Do you like chocolate? Why / why not?
It depends, because chocolate is basically an energy bar for me. When I'm hungry, busy at work, a piece of chocolate will be a perfect option for me. But for other time, this the snack at the end of my list.
2) What type of chocolate do you prefer? Why?
I prefer the non-coconut fat chocolate, because coconut fat is a type of saturated fat that human body will easily absorbed and get obessed out of it.
3) When do you usually eat chocolate?
I eat chocolate right before I hit the gym and doing other high energy-consuming activities.
4) Do people give chocolate as a present in your country? When?
As far as I know, chocolate is a gift for your lover. For instance, on valentine's day or your partner's birthday, chocolate is one of the top choices as a romantic, memorized present.

1) Do you like chocolate? Why / why not?
Yes,I'm a chocoholic.Chocolate is always helpful for my migraine and depression.
2) What type of chocolate do you prefer? Why?
I'm fond of milk chocolate.It's sweeter and smoother.
3) When do you usually eat chocolate?
I usually have chocolates when I'm suffered from migraine or in a depression.
4) Do people give chocolate as a present in your country? When?
Yes,We give friends chocolate as a gifts on their birthday.It's also common to give chocolate to each other between couples in Valentine's day.

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1. Yes, I do like them. Although not to the extreme. I just don't mind eating them.

2. Usually, I prefer chocolates with some fillings inside, preferably coconut powder or something else.

3. I eat chocolates very rarely. I don't buy them specifically with the intent of eating them. I usually eat them when I am travelling or when I'm going on a long journey.

4. Yes, they do a lot. People give chocolates to young kids everyday. In fact, I remember my relatives brought me chocolates whenever they came to visit us. People also share chocolates on special occasions like birthdays.

1) Do you like chocolate? Why / why not?
Yes. I like them very much. Because it is very sweaty and it can provide energy for me when I am hungry.

2) What type of chocolate do you prefer? Why?
I prefer milk chocolate. In my opinion, it tastes sweeter and smoother than others.

3) When do you usually eat chocolate?
I often have them when I am doing sports. Then I can have more energy to complete the sports.

4) Do people give chocolate as a present in your country? When?
Yes,We give friends or children chocolate as a gift on their birthday.It's also common to give chocolate to each other when young people are dating.

1) Do you like chocolate? Why / why not?
I have to say that I am not a big fan of chocolate, because it contains too much calories which can only make me overweight.

2) What type of chocolate do you prefer? Why?
If I have to choose one, I prefer the milk chocolate for its silky and creamy texture.

3) When do you usually eat chocolate?
I only eat chocolate when I am too busy to have a meal. Eating chocolate is time-saving and also it can keep my blood sugar at a moderate level.

4) Do people give chocolate as a present in your country? When?
Chocolate is a popular present option in my country when people come back from travelling abroad where are home of chocolate, like Switzerland or Ireland.

1) yes, I like chocolate, because it is sweet and delicious. On the other hand, it could help me in a better mood.
2) I prefer white cholocate. Because it tastes sweet compared to black chocolate. I prefer sweet one.
3) I can't eat often although I like it very much. Because I' m worried my weight. Eating too much will make me fat.
4) yes, chocolate is a very popular gift in my country, for example, boys will give chocolate as a present to his girlfriend on Valentine's Day.

Hi All, today (09/02) i had a speaking test. Few questions -
Part 1 -
Where do you live ?
Why do you live?
What do you like?
Will you move in future ?
Do you think, we should spend more money on shoes ?
Should we buy nice shoes or expensive ones ?

and few more

Part 2 -
Explain about a quiet place where go -
- Where is this place ?
- What do you like ?
- How is it this place ?
- What do you do ?
Explain what would you do when you go next time

Part 3 -
What are quiet places in country ?
In City, do we have quiet places ?
Why we are having less space in the city ?
Why people listen music while study ?
How quiet place to individuals ?
Which age group is benefitted from Quiet place.


Hello All,
As I know you feel caramel taste and start imaging chocolates in your mind while talking about chocolate. Chocolate is the largest eatable which is purchased and sold in the whole world. Chocolate is used in many ways like corporate gifts , Birthday Gifts, Wedding gifts , You may also serve your guest with chocolates.

Best one

Do you think sweets are healthy?

give me some questions on sweets.

I have a speaking exam on 20 April 2018. Can anyone help me?

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