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Monday, January 23, 2017


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Hi Simon/SJM and All,

I'm new to this site. could you please help me on below.
1st of all I will tell you my IELTS result in 1st attempt. S -6.5/L-6/R-6/W-6 under the General Module. This will help you to get an idea about my level.
So now I want to prepare myself to take the exam in 2nd time and achieve my target of each 7 under General Module.
But I have no idea from where should I start and what should I do to reach my target.
I really appreciate if any of you can help me. As well as I warmly welcome anyone who would like to work with me as study partner.


Excuse me Simon

I have a question about IELTS writing. When you describe a piechart, is using words like small, large, significant proportion,... increase your score or using those words is completely unnecessary and it is fine to use numbers ( 1%,4%,53%,...) ?

please give me your answer, i am a bit confused about this

Best regards

Hi Jeff

Do you have a skype?
If you don't mind, I would like to practice speaking with you


This is a complicated question and you've come to the right place. Simon's site can give you all the relevant information, and his models and advice are good for satisfying the marking criteria. The one other thing you need is regular feedback from someone who can identify and correct your errors in both grammar and vocabulary, and that depends on where you are. Choose native speakers or people at the native level. Study partners are good, but you can't rely on other non natives to fully correct your English.


Numbers are okay but they are not language. Copying a number from the Task doesn't really contribute to your score because anyone can do it. When you use words, you are showing that you know what the word means, that you can use it correctly and that you can spell it properly, and these all contribute to your score. To get a good vocabulary score you need to use words - numbers contribute to your Task Achievement and word count, but not much else.

Hallo Simon

This is an old post from your blog, and can be found here at http://ielts-simon.com/ielts-help-and-english-pr/ielts-reading/page/3/


Thank you very much for your advises. Yes. As you told I need regular feedback from someone for my works. Specially in writing. Be honest, there is no motivation for me when there is no feedback. But problem is; it is really difficult to find a native speaking people around me. I can understand your point. it is true that I cannot relay on other non native to fully correct my English. I would really appreciate if any native English speaker in this forum can help me on this.

Dear Simon,

how did you proof it?
Actually i am feeling a little bit confusion about this strategy.


Yes, I occasionally use or update an old lesson.



This is just a practise strategy that you can use at home. All I'm saying is this: get the correct answers from the back of the book, and simply try to find why those answers are correct.

Hi everyone,

I would like to have a ielts practice partner. I already took ielts but only scored 6.5 bands. I feel very bad with my result. Actually i need minimum 7 in each but i only scored 8 in listening and in other sections i got 6 or 6.5. Is there anyone who can assist me and can do regular practice with me.


Hi Payal,

If you don't mind, I can practise speaking with you. Pls give me your Skype address.

Hi Simin and all,

I am a newbie in IELTS reading practice. I have checked thoroughly your tip on making a keyword table. However, could you kindly advise me how to underline the keywords in the questions. If i can not identify the keywords in the questions, it is impossible for me to find similars words in the passage.

Look forward to hearing from you



Hi Hanh, I think Simon can not have enough time to answer all the questions which are so personal or not common. In my opinion, we could almost find keywords with the same meaning in both passage and questions. Keep practicing and read all the Simon's Reading Daily lessons.


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